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The Suicide Squad Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to trying to figure out which character you are from either 2016's "Suicide Squad" or 2021's "The Suicide Squad" based on your zodiac sign, because of the nature of the team, things get a little bit more challenging than if you were do the same thing with the Justice League or Marvel's Avengers. If you want to know a character, you look at what they do, and — as electronically leashed felons pressed into service — in a lot of cases the members of Amanda Waller's (Viola Davis) various incarnations of Task Force X don't have a lot of say in what they do. For example, Bloodsport (Idris Elba) may lead one of the teams of "The Suicide Squad," but only because Waller leaves him little choice. So maybe he is a natural leader like Waller tells the mercenary, or maybe he's just one more victim of one of the most manipulative characters to come out of DC Comics?

Thankfully, on one hand "The Suicide Squad" gave us much closer, more intimate looks at the characters than its 2016 predecessor, so Waller's interference can't completely obscure what they're about. On the other, the film also introduced a lot of intriguing characters outside of the titular antiheroes who are worth taking a look at. So if you want to know which Suicide Squad character you are based on your zodiac sign, just keep reading. 

Aries: Presidente General Silvio Luna

Those falling under the Aries sign often display natural leadership qualities, including a wealth of allure and charisma. There is no character who better displays these attributes than Presidente General Silvio Luna (Juan Diego Botto), the ruler of Corto Maltese. The first thing we learn about Luna is that, before the events of "The Suicide Squad," he leads a successful coup against the Herrera family who had previously enjoyed rule of the island nation for over a century. You do not convince people to move against a family with over 100 years of dictatorship under their belts unless you know how to get people to do what you want. Later, he seduces Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), in spite of meeting her after his soldiers slaughter almost all of her comrades and imprison her. Of course, his seduction isn't complete considering she ultimately murders him, but even a temporary enticement of someone who is your prisoner is a considerable feat. 

Of course, there are other characters you could argue display some Aries qualities, but none do so thoroughly as Luna. Bloodsport and Deadshot (Will Smith) might be leaders, but they'd rather not be, and they aren't exactly bursting with charm. Amanda Waller isn't exactly a font of charisma either, and there's a difference between a leader and a puppet master — she's more of the latter. As much as Rick Flag wants to be a good leader, he can't stop Waller from sacrificing his team, or from planting sleepers like Peacemaker (John Cena).  

Taurus: The Thinker

If you were born between April 20 and May 20, then your Suicide Squad character as a Taurus is Dr. Gaius Grieves, aka The Thinker (Peter Capaldi). To a Taurus, the journey isn't about the friends you've made, what you've experienced, or how you've grown. To a Taurus, the point of a journey is the reward waiting at the end of it, and Thinker is all about that prize. 

While we do not get to know Thinker quite as well as some of the members of Task Force X, we see enough. The cybernetically enhanced scientist works for people for whom — we see from his meeting with Luna and Mayor General Mateo Suarez (Joaquín Cosio) — he has no respect, doing things he knows are horrific. He does it all because of his excessive appetites both for knowledge, and for less academic pursuits. It's precisely his nightly habit of attending the "gentleman's club" La Gatita Amable that lets the Suicide Squad know exactly where he's going to be when they arrive in Corto Maltese. 

His appetites are so excessive, in fact, that they've led him down some very strange roads. When Ratcatcher II (Daniela Melchior) threatens to order her rats to go somewhere most of us would consider very uncomfortable, Thinker is positively intrigued by the notion.   

Gemini: Harley Quinn

Geminis are the over-sharers of the zodiac, and over-sharing is the very first thing Harley Quinn does when she shows up in 2021's "The Suicide Squad." When she boards the helicopter filled with her mostly doomed teammates, she immediately lets everyone know she was late because she "had to go #2." Talking when it's absolutely the last thing she should be doing is one of Quinn's more entertaining qualities, and she has it on display quite a bit. After proving to be one of the last members of her squad to survive the trap on the beach — rather than fight back, surrender, or just cower in fear like a normal person — the first thing Quinn does is complain loudly to the soldiers surrounding her about Javelin's (Flula Borg) incomplete dying words. 

Harley Quinn doesn't talk just to hear her own voice, as adorable as it may be. Her over-sharing is a by-product of the changes she underwent after being submerged in the same chemicals that made the Joker (Jared Leto) the Clown Prince of Crime. It's easy to forget that before Quinn was Harley, she was Dr. Harleen Quinzel — a psychiatrist. When she over-shares or asks about things at seemingly inappropriate times, it's her new way of doing what she used to do. She's learning about everyone around her, which is precisely what Geminis do. 

Cancer: Ratcatcher 2

As soon as Ratcatcher 2 becomes part of Task Force X, she does everything she can to turn it into a family. She's the only member of the team who interacts with the others regularly — as opposed to King Shark (Steve Agee and Sylvester Stallone) and Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian) — and doesn't seem to have a beef with any of them. In spite of almost being eaten alive by him in her sleep, she quickly forgives King Shark. In response to Peacemaker's insistence that the man-beast is lying when he says he won't eat them, she says, "If I die because I gambled on love, it will be a worthy death." 

This is because if you're fully under the Cancer sign, Ratcatcher 2 is your Task Force X antihero. Those who fall under this sign are all about family, and it's part of what makes Ratcatcher 2's story so tragic. In spite of being desperate for a family to connect with, Ratcatcher 2 lost her father (Taika Waititi) — the only biological family she ever know — when she was very young. It's fitting that she should be the one whose power literally summons hordes of rats to her, since before joining the Suicide Squad, they were the closest thing to family she had left.

Leo: The Joker

Debates always rage over who the best Joker is. Jared Leto has a seedier edge than the rest. Jack Nicholson's Clown Prince is the funniest. The late Heath Ledger's Joker was the most fierce. And Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck is arguably the most believable. But no matter who's playing Batman's most iconic nemesis, one thing remains constant: the guy wants to be at the center of it all. Joker always wants an audience. The entire audience may very well wind up slaughtered, but he wants one nonetheless. That's why if you're a Leo, Joker is the closest you get in the Suicide Squad movies. 

Born between late July and late August, Leos are the performers of the zodiac. They are ambitious, dramatic, and love to be the center of attention. While a lot less complimentary words could be used to describe the Joker, all of those fit him perfectly. Whether he's trying to make a point, fighting to terrorize Gotham, or is just having good old-fashioned blood-drenched fun, the Joker is not a creature of the shadows. 

Virgo: Rick Flag

Some of the more common traits of the Virgo is that they're duty-driven, critical, and precise to a fault; often to the point where even the people who care about them poke fun at them for it. If you're a Virgo then congratulations — you're Rick Flag, the only member of Task Force X whose job description doesn't include having explosives injected into his body. It's because Flag shares these qualities that he's possibly the only character in the films who could hope to keep the kinds of strange characters we find in Task Force X on point, while at the same time reporting to the Machiavellian Amanda Waller.

Really, it's because of Flag's Virgo qualities that he's arguably the most tragic character to appear in the films. He may not have a bomb in his neck and he may not return to a prison cell after the job is done, but in his own way he's just as much a prisoner as the rest of the Suicide Squad. Rick Flag knows how to get the mission done and he knows how to bring his team home alive. But the political needs of Amanda Waller never fail to get in the way of him being a true leader. When he finally decides to betray Waller, he pays for it with his life.

Libra: King Shark

Sharks are known as largely solitary animals but in the case of Nanaue, aka King Shark, that isn't the case. Or at least, he doesn't want it to be the case, as much as all of his attempts at connection fail him. 

If you're a Libra, then you're King Shark. That may seem strange. After all, one of the defining characteristics of Libras is that they hate being alone, and do best in pairs. King Shark is perhaps the least communicative of all the Task Force X members in either movie. But his failure at communication isn't his choice and the first thing we see him do in Belle Reve shows us that's the case. When Amanda Waller, Bloodsport, and Peacemaker first encounter Nanaue, he's "reading" a book. The book is upside down so he clearly isn't getting any useful information from it, which means there can only be one reason for it — to impress the people around him. 

Really, except for when he's attacking and/or eating people, everything King Shark does shows us his unfulfilled need for connection. When Task Force X gets in disguise to infiltrate La Gatita Amable, he's enraged that he can't go with them. He makes Peacemaker a doll, he has to be scolded off the comms during the abortive attempt to rescue Harley Quinn, he interrupts the mission briefing to indicate he has a hand, and he's thrilled when he thinks he's made underwater friends on an upper floor of Jötunheim only to learn they want him for lunch. 

Scorpio: Peacemaker

To the Scorpio, there are no gray areas — there is right and wrong, good and evil, peace and war. If you're a Scorpio, then Peacemaker is your Suicide Squad character. No one else in the franchise shows as much unswerving dedication to an ideal, even if that ideal is so twisted it would make most serial killers look at Peacemaker sideways. While in "Peacemaker" we see the vigilante questioning a lot of his motivations, he shows no hesitation in "The Suicide Squad" even if he does betray some remorse upon killing Rick Flag. He might be sorry for it later, but without taking a bullet to the neck he would have likewise murdered Ratcatcher 2, Bloodsport, and the rest of Task Force X if he'd had to, just to carry out his mission. 

Scorpios are also curious and intuitive investigators. While Peacemaker isn't exactly bright enough to take a place alongside Sherlock Holmes or similar sleuths, he does show some keen insight, particularly in his HBO Max series. He's often a needlessly crass, loudmouth jerk about it, but he does see things, even if he isn't always consciously aware of it. For example, he knows enough to keep one of the Butterflies secret from his colleagues, even though he risks his life doing so. 

Sagittarius: Starro

An obvious Sagittarius is tough to find in the "Suicide Squad" franchise. The sign is for those drawn to the big questions about, as the late Douglas Adams might put it, "life, the universe and everything." A Sagittarius will often be preoccupied with the whys of existence, and this often inspires them to travel and wander, looking for the truth they can't find in their own living rooms. 

Not only are most of Amanda Waller's captive supervillains a little rusty on their existential pursuits, but even if they cared about such philosophical questions, they wouldn't be free to pursue them. So, if you're a Sagittarius, then your "Suicide Squad" character is Starro — the massive beast who rampages through Corto Maltese's capital in "The Suicide Squad." 

How could we even know any of this about Starro? We see him captured, we see him in captivity, and we see him on his vengeful rampage. But we learn a bit more about the alien in his final moments. As he's dying, through the possessed corpse of General Suarez, Starro tells his killers, "I was happy — floating. Staring at the stars." While Task Force X has no choice but to kill him, ultimately Starro is as much of a prisoner as the Suicide Squad. It's that imprisonment that turns him into a rampaging monster. Before that, he was a wanderer — and he was happy.

Capricorn: Amanda Waller

It's taken Amanda Waller a long time to get where she is. It's taken dedication, perseverance, and ruthlessness to put her in a command position over a clandestine group of captive supervillains that isn't supposed to exist. She's not intimidated by threats of violence, morality, or even by arguably the most intimidating guy in the entire DC Universe — Batman. If you're a Capricorn, the zodiac's home of hard work, then Amanda Waller is your Suicide Squad avatar. 

One of the biggest lingering questions about the DCEU's Suicide Squad is about Amanda Waller's motivation. When she knowingly kills members of Task Force X or sacrifices them on unachievable missions, she seems to believe what she's doing is for the greater good. But she also displays a good deal of naked cruelty. For example, as the smoke begins to clear after the first Corto Maltese strike team is almost completely wiped out, she sits with a satisfied grin — not content she made a necessary sacrifice, but clearly enjoying the carnage. Is all of this, in Waller's mind, for the greater good? Or is every mission, every life snuffed out, just another step in her path to advancement?

Aquarius: Sol Soria

It's no mistake that The 5th Dimension's "The Age of Aquarius" was released in 1969 — a time of social change and cultural revolution. The Aquarius is the sign of those who are looking to change the world in a positive way. They want to clothe the poor, feed the hungry, and heal the sick. From what we learn of the fictional nation of Corto Maltese in "The Suicide Squad," it's a country that desperately needs more Aquarians. That's why if you're an Aquarius, then we're guessing your Suicide Squad character is Sol Soria (Alice Braga). 

If nothing else proves Sol Soria's determination to making Corto Maltese a better place, there's her willingness to work with the Suicide Squad after meeting them. Moments after encountering the strange team, Sol Soria learns that — manipulated by Amanda Waller — Task Force X has wiped out almost everyone in her rebel camp. Nor have they been particularly humane in their bloodletting. Her fellow rebels are burned, electrocuted, impaled, hacked to pieces, and in the belly of King Shark. The fact that she does anything at all other than order them all executed on the spot is a testament to how important Corto Maltese and its people are to her.

Pisces: Polka-Dot Man

In a very important way Abner Krill, aka The Polka-Dot Man, doesn't live in the same world his teammates live in. The Polka-Dot Man suffered unthinkable abuse from his mother as a child, including being subjected to horrific experiments that gave him his powers and killed all of his siblings. As a result, Abner sees his mother's face everywhere. Whenever the point-of-view of "The Suicide Squad" switches to that of Abner, we see his mother's spectacled face replacing those of everyone else in the film, even King Shark and Starro.

If you're a Pisces, Polka-Dot Man is your Suicide Squad guy. Pisces are often associated with secrets and illusions, and the world Abner lives in is pure nightmare. As odd and unstable as he seems in the film, considering what he's been through and how it impacts him, it's honestly a miracle he's able to function at all. He may not want the hallucinations, but somehow they help him function. Ultimately, Bloodsport uses that to get Abner to help the team, though sadly Abner doesn't survive the experience.