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Which Avenger Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Astrology isn't exactly scientific, but it does offer a mesmerizing layer to the mundaneness of everyday life. It highlights individual strengths and weaknesses in an almost supernatural way. And it can rely heavily upon cosmic themes of destiny and fate. So basically, astrology has quite a bit in common with superhero mythology. Appropriately enough, astrology and superheroes also provide fodder for lots of distracting online larks, like this article you're reading right now.

But the rules for both can also bend or at least cause great confusion: Like many superhero stories, astrology itself has been subjected to its own bewildering retcons that have called enthusiasts' signs into question and shaken up the astrological community over the years. So as not to add to any confusion, we should state that we are not astrology experts. We also recognize that a few of the characters below have birthdays listed in unofficial online databases. We will disregard those supposed birthdays when they conflict with our assessments of their traits, and acknowledge them when they happen to reinforce what we already think. And let's be real, if an Aries wants to identify with Nick Fury, who's going to stand in their way?

Aries: Nick Fury

Plenty of Aries descriptions hammer home the notion that folks born between March 21 and April 19 are natural leaders. That designation applies to a handful of Earth's Mightiest, but Sgt. Nick Fury commands unparalleled positions of authority in both The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. 

There's also plenty of talk of Aries tending to try new things before anybody else does. You could call them the hipsters of the zodiac, it seems. And if we hone in on the version of Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he definitely comes up with the idea of putting together a group of special individuals to handle situations S.H.I.E.L.D. and over government-affiliated organizations can not. Clearly, he was founding a superhero team before everybody else was doing it. Courage is frequently associated with the Aries sign, and Sgt. Fury has fearlessness to spare.

Honesty is also a trait typical of folks with an Aries birthday, and that's where Fury deviates from the script. Then again, in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (2014), he never tells Steve and Natasha that he isn't faking his own death, does he? And he's really blunt and to the point about getting things done in the face of great threats, even if the situation is difficult or the decision unpopular.

The internet tells us Nick Fury was born July 4, but he has so many Aries qualities that readers born under that sign will undoubtedly identify with him.

Taurus: Hercules

Folks whose existence began somewhere between April and May 20 are said to exhibit a particular affinity for the tactile, sense-activating elements of life. When we think of an Avenger we'd expect to see enjoying a round or twelve of the finest wine in the galaxy, or lying in a hammock surrounded by scantily-clad admirers feeding him grapes, we think of one guy above any other: Hercules. 

But we shouldn't write off Herc — or any other Taurus, for that matter — as a mere hedonist. The Taurus zodiac sign also ties into the mythological strongman's powerset. He's insanely strong and tough, with no aid from fancy lasers or freaky psychic super-abilities. That makes him limited compared to, for instance, Thanos with a loaded Infinity Stone gauntlet; however, there's a practicality and efficiency to being the dude who can solve any problem (as long as it's the sort of problem you can solve with a punch). 

Tauruses can lead complicated lives — Herc is a folklore character and an intergalactic superhero, after all, so he often has a lot on his plate — but they generally have a knack for uncomplicating seemingly mind-boggling matters. Tauruses can be handy folks to have around, which makes us wonder why Hercules hasn't debuted in the MCU yet. 

Hang in there, big guy! Kevin Feige will get to you soon.  

Gemini: Iron Man

Defined by intellectual curiosity and a disposition that could be loosely described as "quippy," the Gemini portion of the zodiac spectrum fits Tony Stark a little too perfectly. Seriously — if Tony Stark's May 29 birthday is accurate, this fictional superhero was born under the astrological designation we think matches his personality. Coincidence? We report; you decide.      

Folks whose birthdays fall between May 21 and June 20 are associated with a sharp rational mind, as well as a hyperactive approach to social interactions. Geminis are also sometimes considered "indecisive" or "mutable" — which we could call a metaphor for Tony's numerous suits of Iron Man armor. We could also be less generous and note that Iron Man has a complicated history and can be a fickle jerk sometimes — hence all that very nasty business about a "Civil War" from the comics as well as that other business about a "Civil War" from the movies. Tony is a fun, cool guy to have around, until he isn't, and that right there is some classic Gemini noise. 

Cancer: Captain America

Look closely when scrawny Steve Rogers files his enlisting papers at the onset of "Captain America: The First Avenger" (2011), and you'll see that the star-spangled sensation celebrates his birthday on July 4. It's the most ridiculous and cheesy thing we've heard all day, but it's true. That makes him a Cancer, which suits his personality remarkably well. 

Words like "home" and "domestic" come up a lot in summaries of Cancer personalities – so it looks like these folks have a healthy appreciation and sense of personal responsibility for their families, hometowns, and of course, countries. However, rather than taking a narrow-minded nationalistic approach to patriotism, Rogers exercises his ability to protect, uplift, and inspire on an interplanetary scale: Rogers ostensibly feels more strongly about people than symbols. 

In an instance of bleak irony, while summer babies born from June 21 to July 22 might develop tremendous fondness for whatever environs and groups they consider home base, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll feel like they fit in. Rogers — a time-displaced World War II veteran, and Marvel's quintessential fish out of water — should easily identify with those feelings.

Leo: Thor

Depending on how one cares to spin the Leo disposition, those born between July 23 and August 22 are either narcissistic spotlight-hogs or charismatic, radiant individuals who naturally gobble up all the attention in the room. And if they're so accustomed to being the focus that they're especially sensitive to feeling sidelined, how can we blame them? It's not really their fault, is it?

While the arc of Thor's origin story — especially as it's laid out in the eponymous 2011 film — revolves around the god of thunder learning humility, we think it's safe to say the MCU's take on Thor retains a few prima-donna tendencies in his subsequent cinematic appearances. 

But that's the tricky thing about Leos — do they occupy the center of attention because they feel entitled to do so, or because they routinely execute feats that, for various reasons, happen to deservedly attract everyone's eyeballs? In the enthralling Thor's case, it's clearly a bit of both. Leos are also known as creative and generous sorts of folks, and Thor also checks off those two boxes. He wouldn't devote so much time and effort toward protecting Midgard without an altruistic sensibility, and let's face it, a creative temperament is positively essential for maintaining a smidgen of dignity while wearing a winged helmet. 

Virgo: The Vision

Virgos are often described as analytical and methodological. Since Vision is literally programmed to analyze situations and notice details, it doesn't take a ton of imagination to conclude that he's probably the Avenger best suited to hold down the Virgo section of this article.

As it happens, there's allegedly a profound paradox at the core of those who come into the world between August 23 to September 22: Allegedly, their capacity for method and calculation is matched only by their sensitivity. Maybe it seems ridiculous to associate an android with emotional vulnerability — but let's not forget, we're talking about the same "machine" who delivers the (in)famous "love persevering" line in the Disney+ series "WandaVision." 

It would seem The Avenger's robotic rascal finds himself in a situation not unlike the Tin Woodman: What they lack in biological hearts made of cardiac muscle, they more than make up for with their abstract but indefatigable forces of empathy. 

Virgos are also noted for a strong work ethic which, once again, is pretty dagnab easy to develop when you can literally flip a switch in your brain that puts you into work mode.

Libra: Hawkeye

We stand by our decision to appoint Clint Barton as the Libra representative of this list. That said, we must also acknowledge the discrepancy with this assessment: Hawkeye has an official birthday, June 18, which makes him a Cancer. This birthday is established in Matt Fraction and David Aja's essential "Hawkeye" comic from 2012, and if that series doesn't count as canon, then nothing does. 

But there's a crucial difference between definitively stating that Hawkeye is a Libra, which is wrong, and noting that he might be able to represent Libras better than most of his fellow Avengers. Whereas plenty of superheroes insist that they prefer operating as lone wolves, Hawkeye almost always finds himself among a roster of teammates. Even the aforementioned Fraction story demonstrates that Clint Barton on his own is kind of a shmuck — but alongside the right set of allies, he's unstoppable. 

Likewise, Libras are said to gravitate towards partnerships and alliances. They're also rumored to avoid conflict whenever possible, and while Hawkeye doesn't literally run away from fights, he manages to keep them at a much greater distance than most of his contemporaries. (He shoots arrows at his enemies from far away, is what we mean by that.)

Scorpio: Black Panther

Combine an adventurous spirit and an unstoppable force of will, and T'Challa matches most of the criteria for Scorpio status. 

A pessimistic reading of Scorpio traits — including ambition, secrecy, and an aptitude for revenge — might remind us more of Dr. Henry Pym. However, since we'd like to avoid offending readers by comparing them to a serial killer from a recent "What If...?" episode, let's focus on the positive aspects of Scorpions and gesture towards the King of Wakanda. 

The story of T'Challa opening his onetime secret nation to the rest of the world (classic Scorpio, keeping secrets the size of countries) became widely known in 2018's cinematic sensation "Black Panther." Meanwhile, in the comics' Earth-616 timeline, T'Challa put some of the same horizon-expanding instincts to work by establishing The Intergalactic Nation of Wakanda, extending across the cosmos. Whether or not that worked out for the best is certainly a question for debate, but it took a whole bunch of intellectual curiosity and an indelible vision to pull off!

All we're saying is if you're born between October 23 and November 21, you can be happy knowing you have a lot in common with Black Panther.

Sagittarius: Doctor Strange

With their built-in penchants for the pursuit of abstract fields like philosophy and metaphysics, as well as the somewhat more socially useful of forms of impractical knowledge such as global traveling, folks whose birthdays fall between November 22 and December 21 may find some astrological kinship with interdimensional mystic Dr. Stephen Strange. 

Rumor has it that Sagittarians also possess a greater-than-average appreciation for and understanding of a good joke and draw a dark line between notions of right and wrong. They can also be jerks under the right circumstances, and Doctor Strange is hardly known for his restraint, diplomacy, or tactful use of euphemisms. But he does have a dry sense of humor.

Restless and impulsive, many Sagittarians may need to learn, like Dr. Strange did, to "play nice" with others, respect established traditions, and not promise more than they can deliver. This can be especially hard for an interdimensional superhero who has the power to manipulate time and space at his fingertips.

Capricorn: Captain Marvel

Resources focused on the Capricorn sign — which applies to birthdays between December 21 and January 20 — describe a disposition predicated on determination and work ethic, balanced with an unfussy concept of self and a reverence for tradition. Consider that the death of the first hero known as Captain Marvel occurs in 1982, and Carol Danvers continues using other codenames until taking up the Captain Marvel mantle in the "real world" year 2012. That sure sounds like someone who's willing to fight quite a lot of crime and many global threats for an extended period of time without a clearly deserved promotion.  

Carol may be a fighter pilot-turned-space-traveling superhero, but she nevertheless demonstrates behavioral tendencies you could describe as grounded. (Pun intended.) Captain Marvel's also had to develop a healthy respect for her own energy-based powers. When it's very, very easy for you to blow things up, you've got to be cautious with your decision-making.  

Capricorns, according to the stars, are a goal-oriented and steadfast bunch, and Carol Danvers surely represents that mentality: Higher, Further, Faster, and all that good stuff.     

Aquarius: Black Widow

When we scan descriptions of Aquarians, there's a lot of talk of independence (often termed "aloofness"), the tendency to prefer working alone while simultaneously forming close-knit friendships, a baseline suspicion of authority figures, and an instinctive passion for humanitarianism and justice. Pretty much everybody who signs up for Earth's Mightiest Heroes has some of that latter trait in their personality.

But the team has one trademark emotionally-distant loner whose onscreen iteration nevertheless counts herself a part of two families, and whose on-panel iteration is both a staple of countless Avengers lineups and occasionally the cornerstone of Matt Murdock's chaotic existence.

Like Natasha Romanoff, Aquarians can be a little on the guarded side: If the folks around you have a difficult time determining how you're feeling at any given moment, that makes it easier to infiltrate their ranks and gather intel without giving up too much of your own. In other words, Aquarians make good spies. 

We should note that internet information-mongers assign the MCU's Natasha a birthday of December 3, which would make her a Sagittarius and does not vibe with our assessment. We'll have to agree to disagree a bit on this one, internet: Black Widow exhibits some classic Aquarian traits. (And as a spy with a convoluted and often-retconned backstory, she could easily have falsified the birth records we see in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier.")

Pisces: Scarlet Witch

In summaries of Pisces, and see the phrases "desire to escape reality" and disliking the "past coming back to haunt" them, our minds zap right over to Wanda Maximoff and her unfortunate habit of remaking existence itself to suit her needs.

"House of M" — a 2005 event storyline by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Olivier Coipel — starts with Scarlet Witch rearranging the global timeline and ends with an additional reality warp that winds up devastating the world's mutant population. The ramifications of "House of M" are still felt in X-Men comics to this very day, which provides us with immediate, tangible evidence that Scarlet Witch's past may haunt her indefinitely.

As far as the MCU's Scarlet Witch goes, there's a little bit of "House of M" baked into her 2020 Disney+ series "WandaVision," a story with lower stakes and overall far superior entertainment value compared to the unfortunate exercise in status-quo reestablishment that is "House of M." 

Writeups of Piscean personal habits and approaches to life emphasize intuitive thinking and greater-than-average zest for spiritual exploration, which seems to fit nicely with Scarlet Witch's powerset. Perhaps the ability to twist space and time with Chaos Magic isn't exactly what New Age types have in mind when they refer to "spirituality," but obviously, the Marvel universes play by different rules.