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Elsie Fisher Talks About Her Favorite Horror Movies - Exclusive

What is it about human nature that makes so many of us want to seek out horror movies? For some people, there's a pure need to get the adrenaline pumping by watching a chilling tale of terror about monsters, vampires, and other ghouls that go bump in the night. Of course, one of the most savage antagonists ever put to film is Leatherface from the original 1974 flick, "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre."

In that first film, at least, we never see the man behind the mask. He's a complete unknown, a spitting image of fright. While subsequent editions tried to offer some backstory on the character, he's at his most terrifying when he's a primordial force of nature rather than a deranged man. The latest installment in the franchise — Netflix's "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" film — brings the character back to these roots. We never see his true face; he remains a violent enigma that's downright terrifying.

Elsie Fisher, who plays Lila in the 2022 movie, spoke exclusively with Looper about her experience filming it and also shared some of her favorite horror flicks of all time, with some genuine classics in the mix.

'The Thing,' 'Get Out,' and 'Hereditary' are among Elsie's favorites

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" isn't Elsie Fisher's first time delving into the horror genre. In 2019, she appeared in Hulu's "Castle Rock" as Joy Wilkes. Not only that, but she has another horror project in the works that she spoke about briefly to Looper, titled "My Best Friend's Exorcism," which has a more comedic bent to it. When asked if she liked horror movies, Fisher's response was only natural, as she said, "I've really enjoyed the genre and especially the new stuff that's been coming out that subverts a lot of classic tropes and is very inventive and interesting."

As such, it should come as no surprise to hear that Fisher has excellent taste when it comes to her favorites, as she explained, "I really love John Carpenter's 'The Thing.' I think that's really brilliant and going back to some of the newer stuff that's coming out, I think Jordan Peele's fantastic. I loved 'Us,' 'Get Out,' [and] also Ari Aster, you know? 'Hereditary,' love it."

With those kinds of interests, Fisher must've felt right at home shooting "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Perhaps the sequel will go on to become someone else's favorite horror movie ever, and the cycle will continue.

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is now available on Netflix.