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The Blue Bloods Star You Might Have Missed In Supernatural

Over the course of the decade-plus that it's been on the air, CBS's "Blue Bloods" has made a name for itself as one of TV's definitive police procedural shows. Centered upon the fictional Reagan family of NYPD police officers and their complex professional and personal lives, the series blends family drama with thrilling action and a heaping spoonful of intrigue. While all these different parts come together to make a very entertaining show, many fans will point to the show's compelling cast of characters as their favorite element.

Of course, while hardcore fans of "Blue Bloods" may chiefly associate the show's cast with those beloved characters, many of the actors have made appearances on other notable shows. In fact, avid fans of "Blue Bloods" may not know that one of its main cast members also appeared in another modern TV juggernaut with a very different tone and premise: the CW fantasy-horror series "Supernatural."

Blue Bloods star Marisa Ramirez appeared on Supernatural

She may not have been there from the very beginning, but actress Marisa Ramirez's character of Detective Maria Baez quickly became one the most integral parts of "Blue Bloods." To this day, her straitlaced personality and level-headed mindset serve as a crucial foil to Donnie Wahlberg's Detective Danny Reagan.

Roughly five years before her debut on the "Blue Bloods" in 2013, however, Ramirez actually made a guest appearance on "Supernatural," the long-running show focusing on brothers Sam and Dean Winchester as they hunt monsters and paranormal creatures. But as was the case with many guest stars on the series, the fate of her character was not a particularly kind one.

Ramirez's single appearance on the show came in Season 3, Episode 9, titled "Malleus Maleficarum," where she played a young woman named Tammi Fenton who hosts a book club. An evil demon called Astaroth secretly possesses Tammi and uses her book club to trick her friends into selling their souls to the monster. As usual, the Winchesters intervene and Dean manages to kill the demon with a special dagger. Unfortunately, Tammi also dies in the process.

It's a fun episode for fans of "Blue Bloods" to return to in retrospect, even if it does sting a little to see someone with the face of one their favorite characters meet an untimely demise. At the very least, they can rest assured that Ramirez's character of Detective Baez is still alive and well.