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The Dean Scene In Supernatural That Went Too Far

After 15 seasons of television, the ending of "Supernatural" was certainly memorable. For those who lament the loss of hunting brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), they are in luck. Ackles decided to continue the franchise, albeit in a different form. According to Deadline, Ackles is producing a prequel series entitled "The Winchesters." This story will follow his parents, though Ackles will reprise Dean in voice-over narration.

Even with fans clamoring for more content, not all episodes of "Supernatural" were winners. Dean and Sam had their ups and downs, and were often at odds with each other — brotherhood is not easy, especially when there are monsters involved. Their complicated relationship stemmed from their father John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who often prioritized hunting over being a parent, and taught the boys that everything different from them was evil. This timeline of the Winchesters was paramount to their foundation as a family, but it ultimately backfired. Dean took those values and his father's teachings too close to heart.

Brotherhood only goes so far

Sam's struggle with demon blood is the main conflict in Season 4. Because of his history with the demon Azazel, drinking demon blood allows Sam to exorcise demons psychically. Dean rightfully disapproves, as it turns Sam dependent on blood — but his reaction comes from a prejudicial place, and not one of concern. "I think [Dean] judged a lot of monsters' harshly," a Reddit user named u/doNOTarguewithme wrote. "Just because they're different species didn't mean you should kill them."

This becomes prevalent when Dean confronts Sam about his demon blood use in the penultimate episode of Season 4. Sam calls himself a freak because he is turning into one of the monsters that they hunt. Bobby (Jim Beaver) urges Dean to pull Sam back into the fold, not push him away, but Dean can't let go of his prejudices. He tells Sam if he walks out and continues to drink demon blood, he will never take him back. They break out into a brawl, but Dean's words hurt Sam the worst. "If Dean hadn't been so judgmental, Sam might not have hid so much and become even more addicted," Reddit user u/eightofnine suggested. 

While Sam and Dean had plenty of strong moments throughout the show, it was hard to watch them struggle to deal with Sam's addiction — especially when Dean reacted harshly.