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Morgan Freeman's Highest Grossing Movie Might Surprise You

He's a talent that even Steven Spielberg and James Cameron agree makes any film he's fortunate to appear in better just by turning up. His voice is guaranteed to give any necessary narration an added ounce of coolness, with a tone so soothing it could very well put blue whales to sleep. That's the sort of extra special gift Morgan Freeman brings to the table and has done in his treasure trove of a filmography for decades.

But from a career that has seen him earn six Oscar nominations, one of which he won for "Million Dollar Baby" (via IMDb), just which among this already bankable actor's long line of films has brought in the most money? Well, surprisingly, the most successful entry from Freeman's repertoire isn't one that he necessarily had the lead on but was instead an invaluable bit of support for an already star-studded cast — and a vigilante that dressed like a bat.

The Dark Knight Rises is Morgan Freeman's most successful film to date

Given the last decade or so, it's no surprise that most actors in Hollywood have comic book movies to thank for a bump in their bank accounts, which is definitely the case for anyone appearing in one of the genre's most revered trilogies ever made. According to The Numbers, "The Dark Knight Rises" is Morgan Freeman's most successful film to date, earning a comfortable $1.08 billion worldwide at the box office. Coincidentally, the film also happens to be Anne Hathaway's biggest success after appearing as Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's third outing with Batman.

Freeman played Bruce Wayne/Batman's (Christian Bale) enigmatic equipment designer Lucius Fox, who was present for the entire trilogy. While the Dark Knight's battle with Bane (Tom Hardy) was the biggest hit on Freeman's list, "The Dark Knight" was a close runner-up with $998 million, and "Batman Begins" was his eighth most successful film, earning $358 million. There's no denying that due to the growing success and groundbreaking impact the film has made on comic book adaptations as a whole, it ensured a profitable move for Freeman in the long run. Smart like a fox, indeed.