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The Best Black Clover Character According To Fans

Just like a lot of other fantasy franchises, the world presented in the anime "Black Clover" is one that is densely populated with groups of wildly different characters. Burdened with their own experiences and motivations, the characters in the "Black Clover" universe are richly brought to life as the anime progresses, especially when it comes time for them to interact with its main character, Asta. Whether they end up being a friend or foe doesn't matter — what matters is how they help move the narrative forward. And the characters that impact the story the most, for better or worse, often become fan favorites.

Of course, not every fan will agree on who their favorite character is when it comes to "Black Clover." The most obvious answer to this question in almost any franchise is the protagonist, but in a fan poll for "Black Clover," Asta actually gets beaten out by one other major character. According to these fans pulling for an alternative character to take the fan-favorite title, the one they deem the best "Black Clover" character is certainly deserving of it. 

Noelle is the clear winner in a fan poll

The question of which "Black Clover" character fans considered their favorite was answered in a recent fan poll conducted by the manga's official publication, Weekly Shonen Jump. As revealed in the poll's results, the majority of "Black Clover" fans have their hearts set on Noelle Silva, a member of the Clover Kingdom's royalty and one of Asta's closest companions and love interests. In total, she received 8,150 votes in the poll, beating out Asta (who took second place) by over 1,200 votes. On Reddit, fans reacted to these results with a sense of positive surprise.

"Noelle being at number 1 is surprising considering the poll ended before her fight with Vanica/Megicula even started," wrote user u/Morgoth333.

"As a noelle fan I am extremely happy she made #1," wrote u/ninten2003, with another user replying, "same. Best character easily [in my opinion]."

All in all, Noelle winning the fan poll makes sense given how important her character is to the series. This is especially true since, as u/JReiyz pointed out, other popular characters such as Yami and Charlotte had dropped in popularity from previous polls due to their recent inactivity, "and the prime candidates to steal those votes were Noelle and Nacht." At the same time, Noelle's participation in the story increased, meaning fans now have much more to appreciate when it comes to the series' resident royalty.