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The Big Connection Noelle And Asta's Black Clover Voice Actors Have In Real-Life

When we think of voice actors in animated movies and shows, it can be hard to separate them from their characters. "Spongebob Squarepants," for instance, is such a popular show that the character's voice actor, Tom Kenny, will forever and always be equated to the funny yellow sponge despite the fact that he voices a multitude of other popular cartoon characters (via IMDb). Of course, this phenomenon does not stop at anime, where the prevalence of both subtitled and dubbed versions of the same show means that two actors are often associated with the same character.

A great example of this is Goku from "Dragon Ball Z," whose English voice actor (Sean Schemmel) is equally as prevalent as the Japanese voice actor (Masako Nozawa). Both actors have voiced Goku in almost every one of his appearances and are inextricably linked to the character. The association between character and actor grows the more similar the two are to each other. More recently, a prime example of this can be seen in the popular anime series "Black Clover," where the real-life voice actors of the protagonist, Asta, and his love interest, Noelle, share a big connection.

Asta and Noelle are more of a couple in real life than in the show

It's a pretty common trope in shonen anime for the hero to have a potential romantic partner whose relationship with them develops as the series progresses. After all, what heroic story is complete if the guy doesn't get the girl in the end? When it comes to Asta and Noelle, however, Asta's English voice actor beat the character to the punch. In 2018, Dallas Reid (Asta) announced his engagement to Jill Harris (Noelle) via Twitter, and it wasn't long before fans on Reddit made the connection between them and their characters.

"Time to let the manga artist know so he can make it canon," wrote u/Grumpy-Moogle. "[Yuuki] Tabata better get an invite to the wedding!" replied the original poster, u/Unknownsage.

The most humorous thing about the situation, however, is that in the actual story of "Black Clover," Asta and Noelle are only potential partners. Noelle bears an unrequited sense of love for Asta, who is often too oblivious or obsessed with the nun who raised him, Sister Lily, to truly notice her attempts to get his attention. In the end, however, the two characters share a real connection and the potential to become something more, which is why fans can't help but freak out when they see Reid and Harris together.