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The Noelle Moment That Has Black Clover Fans In Tears

"Black Clover" started out as a shonen manga back in February of 2015. It's currently still in its original run, but its massive popularity has led to a highly-watched animated series. It originally debuted on TXN (TV Tokyo) and eventually got licensed by anime streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation for American audiences. The first episode debuted on Crunchyroll in October 2017 and has been delighting shonen fans ever since.

Asta, the powerless orphan, might be the star of the narrative, but there are many fan favorites in the periphery who, on occasion, steal the show. One such character is Noelle Silva. She and her siblings come from a very noble house of magic. When Noelle was just a baby, their mother was killed due to an evil curse — and Noelle was needlessly blamed for it by her siblings, especially her older brother Nozel. Growing up, Noelle had a hard time controlling her power and was made to feel like a failure because of it. But during an epic fight with some evil elves, fans got to enjoy a dramatic twist that had many on the brink of joyful tears.

In a moment of crisis, Noelle finally unleashes powerful magic

Who doesn't love a good underdog story? It's such a popular narrative that it has its own entry on TV Tropes. But it makes sense why people love it. Deep down, we all want to believe that despite our shortcomings and mistakes, we too can overcome and transform into the best possible versions of ourselves. And in Episode 108 of "Black Clover," appropriately titled "Battlefield Dancer," Noelle does exactly that.

Ironically, it's the unpredictable nature of her power (which others made her feel inferior for) that helps her defeat the evil elves that have bested her siblings. She even manifests her deceased mother's skydancer armor in the process. Fans were thrilled to see her arc come full circle, with many moved to the point of tears. There's an entire Reddit thread dedicated to her and her victory in that episode, with the original poster u/Interesting-Jump-656 writing, "I just got to Noelle using her armor and her being like her mom made me cry." 

Another fan u/Illustrious-Tart6276 agreed with them, adding "Same bro. She made us all so proud," adding a crying face and a heart emoji at the end. The scene is certainly emotional and makes us excited about what other big moments are in Noelle's future.