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Patrick Stewart Has An Interesting Response To Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

Earlier this month, the Marvel Cinematic Universe stoked fan excitement by dropping a new trailer for "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" during Super Bowl LVI. On top of the action, it looks like the next Marvel film will be loaded with cameos from characters from across the MCU. In the sequel to 2016's "Doctor Strange," Benedict Cumberbatch will return as the titular magic-wielder formerly known as Dr. Stephen Strange along with Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, Benedict Wong as Wong, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo. 

Doctor Strange last appeared in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," which thrilled audiences by teaming Tom Holland's Spider-Man with actors from past Spider-Man movies. In that movie, Strange attempts to help Peter Parker by casting a spell that removed people's memory of him after Spider-Man's identity was revealed to the public, but the spell went awry, opening up the multiverse instead. 

The opening of the multiverse may factor into an intriguing moment from the second trailer for "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." The preview indicates Strange's meddling will have larger repercussions after "No Way Home," expanding the multiverse even further. In one shot, a handcuffed Strange is brought to a council gathering (could it be the Illuminati?), during which a familiar voice says, "We should tell him the truth." A second later, what appears to be a figure with a bald head is seen to the far right of the frame.

Does this mean "The X-Men" alum Sir Patrick Stewart will be among the cameos as Professor X?

Patrick Stewart teases audiences with his response

The voice that says "We should tell him the truth" in the "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" trailer sounds very similar to Patrick Stewart's, who played an older Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, in the 20th Century Studios' "X-Men" film series. It has been widely rumored the X-Men will be featured in future MCU films, so many fans believe this new preview indicates they will make their first appearance in the upcoming "Doctor Strange" sequel. However, Stewart has neither confirmed nor denied his involvement or even alluded to any knowledge of the potential inclusion of the X-Men in Phase 4 of the MCU — until now.

Recently, Stewart has been busy promoting for the second season of "Star Trek: Picard," his show on Paramount+. Given the recency of the release of the official "Doctor Strange" sequel trailer, the possibility of the actor's involvement has come up. While speaking with ComicBook.com, he offered this cheeky response implying it may have been someone doing an impression: "You know, people have been imitating my voice ever since I came on the stage 60 years ago. So, I can't be held responsible for that."

However, an interview shared by Kevin McCarthy on Twitter paints a different picture. When asked about his voice in the trailer and whether or not he'll appear in the film, Stewart said he received many calls and texts from people asking, "Is that you? Is that you? Well, of course," he said before quickly adding, "I was just at home waiting to watch football, so how could it possibly be me? We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?"