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The Tig Theory That Would Change Everything On Sons Of Anarchy

"Sons of Anarchy" had several standout characters through its seven-season run on FX, but Alexander "Tig" Trager (Kim Coates) was a fan favorite throughout. The essential member of SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Redwood Club Originals) was a wild card with plenty of memorable one-liners and unpredictable outbursts, but he also became one of the most studied characters on the series. Tig even carried the important titles of Sergeant-at-Arms and Vice President in the club through creator Kurt Sutter's tale of California outlaw bikers, which has continued through a spinoff with "Mayans M.C.

Sutter and his team of writers took a character that could have easily been a caricature, or simply comic relief from the show's dark storylines, and slowly but surely peeled back the layers of Tig. In turn, viewers discovered some of what motivates Tig through his history and his relationship to family outside the club, including his estranged daughter. One theory about Tig, however, could change everything fans think they know about the character. 

Tig and another biker could have been lovers

Tig had his fair share of beef in "Sons of Anarchy," but one of his most mysterious rivalries came in Season 3, when Tig would not allow a nomad biker named Kozik (Kenny Johnson) to join SAMCRO. Kozik had been helpful to the club and was well-liked, but Tig made a stand, and fans were left wondering if the explanation they got was all there was to the story.

It's ultimately revealed that Tig's standoff with Kozik is over a dog from their past named Missy, though the exact point of disagreement is never explained. While it's clear the two cared for the dog, fans have theorized there is far more to the relationship — possibly even a romantic past. 

A fan on Reddit offered their explanation: "Kozik and Tig dated and when they broke up Kozik took the dog with him. I mean it's farfetched but it made sense to me at the time." Redditor u/Cassial added, "Whether Tig seems bi/gay or not isn't even the biggest factor in this, it's the huge amount of tension they have for each other, like it screams two bitter exes to me."  

While Tig showed no obvious signs of being romantically attracted to men during the show's run, he did have a very complicated history with women, not being able to maintain relationships and often joking about the violent nature of the relationships he did have. Whatever the reason for Tig and Kozik's bitterness towards one another, it remains a mystery.