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The Witcher Monster You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"The Witcher" has grown from a series of cult books written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski to a multimedia franchise that now encompasses a highly popular video game series along with board games and comics. The latest adaptation is Netflix's television series "The Witcher," which arrived in 2019 and has released two seasons thus far. The streaming giant has already confirmed that Season 3 is on the way, meaning there'll be plenty more adventures and monsters hitting TV screens in the near future.

The show stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia alongside regular cast members Freya Allan, Eamon Farren, Anya Chalotra, and Joey Batey. The anti-hero is a monster-hunter who has been magically enhanced and travels around the land offering his services to those who need them. As you might expect, "The Witcher" has plenty of terrifying and dark creatures for Geralt to battle against, most of which are inspired by Polish and European folklore.

Each of the monsters in "The Witcher" has its own unique characteristics and personality, which makes them ideal for matching up with the signs of the zodiac to see where they lie. If you've ever wondered what monster from the series you would be based on your zodiac, read on to find out.

Aries — Dragon

Dragons are a constant in many fantasy series, and they play a major role in "The Witcher." In the television series, dragons are highly intelligent creatures that are more than a match for humans. There are a few different types of dragons, including gold, green, red, and black, but all of them share some similarities. They have developed a reputation among ordinary people for being fearsome creatures who attack at random and breathe fire, which makes them a good fit for the Aries — the first fire sign of the zodiac and one that is heavily associated with aggression and a fierce temper.

Dragons love to hoard gold, which matches up with the ambitious nature of Aries, while the bravery and assertiveness of the zodiac sign suit the reptilian monsters. These creatures are not actually all that evil and mostly avoid humans, only attacking when they feel threatened. This is yet another trait that is linked to Aries, as they are honest and fair. Like the sign, dragons are strong and resilient, able to heal from wounds quickly if they are not outright killed. They make for great warriors and strike fear into their enemies, especially when angry.

Taurus — Myriapod

Myriapods are giant insect-like creatures that can resemble monstrous centipedes. In the television series, the creatures have a huge skulls with horns and scaly armor across their long bodies. They are unlike almost any other monster shown in "The Witcher" so far and have never appeared in any of the video game adaptations.

Appearing in the 2nd season of the show, the myriapod makes quick work of a leshy before turning its attention onto Geralt and Ciri. With a series of arms protruding from its body, it can use the limbs to either protect itself or grab its enemies, giving it time to sink in its massive teeth or attack with its mighty horns.

If there is any zodiac sign that is a good parallel for the myriapod, it's the Taurus. This is a fixed earth sign that is grounded — something that seems to align with the earthy appearance of the monster. Represented by the bull, Taurus makes sense for the myriapod as its head resembles the animal, with its horns sticking out menacingly. The zodiac sign is commonly seen as quick to anger and resilient, which are two traits that could easily describe the beast seen in "The Witcher."

Gemini — The Doppler

Gemini has developed a reputation for being two-faced, but in reality, the sign is better described as having a dualistic existence. It's as if a person has copied themselves so that they can take on twice as many tasks at the same time, giving them the opportunity to do so much more. The fluid nature of Geminis gives them the ability to quickly adapt to any situation and see things from different perspectives. But this duality means that a Gemini can suddenly seem like a completely different person, changing dramatically without warning.

It is for this reason that the most obvious choice for the Gemini sign is the Doppler. This individual is a shapeshifter who can change his form to resemble almost any person or creature. The only drawback is that the bodyweight of the target must be similar to the Doppler's own size and weight. When it transforms into another person, the creature also takes on its memories rather than just the physical characteristics, giving it a dual existence that matches perfectly with the Gemini sign. The impressive skill means that the Doppler can easily impersonate someone else and trick even those who know the individual well.

Cancer — Nivellen

Nivellen (Kristofer Hivju) is a character that appears in the second season of "The Witcher." Based on an individual from the novels with the same name, Nivellen is a cursed person who is forced to live his life as a beast. Once an ordinary human, he was cursed by a priestess and forced to continue in this form (until the curse is finally lifted).

At first, Nivellen seems like a compassionate and sensitive soul who has been wrongly cursed to live a life that he doesn't deserve. These are common traits of the Cancer zodiac sign, as are their excitable and generous nature and willingness to share wealth with others and provide shelter to those that need it. He even took in the vampire Vereena and fell in love with her while nursing her back to health, allowing her to feed on him to satisfy her need for blood.

Things eventually reveal themselves to be more sinister than they first appear, though. Nivellen was cursed because he raped the priestess — a sin that deserves punishment. This proves that the character has a darker side to him, which is something that those under the zodiac sign of Cancer can occasionally have.

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Leo — The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt are arguably the most mysterious and enigmatic monsters in the whole of "The Witcher" series. They are a set of specters that are known as the Wraiths of Mörhogg by those living in Skellige. Wearing dark black armor, they ride skeletal horses and are said to foreshadow terrible events such as war and the end of the world. As is the case with many of the monsters and creatures from "The Witcher" franchise, the WIld Hunt are based on real-life folklore. In Scandinavian stories, the riders are believed to have been led by the Norse god Odin.

Considering that the Wild Hunt are ruled by a king and inspired by ancient gods, linking them up with Leo seems like the best bet. The zodiac sign is associated with warriors, power, and royalty, making it the ideal choice for the Wild Hunt. After all, they are horrifying fighters who kidnap humans and kill any who get in their path. Sure, they don't exactly show the more positive traits of typical Leos — like being full of joy and living a vibrant life — but the specters are incredibly proud and confident in their abilities like those born under this zodiac sign.

Virgo — Leshy

Typically, Virgo is linked with the ideas of goodness, innocence, and elegance. They have a motherly vibe and are generally protective of those under their care. In the novels, people tend to think of the leshy (or leshen) as a protective guardian of the forest that keeps away those who would do harm to the plants and animals living there. So in that sense, a leshy appears to be a perfect candidate to be a Virgo out of all the signs of the zodiac.

Unfortunately for anyone who comes across a leshy, they are not the mere protectors they have been made out to be. In fact, they are vicious killers that can wipe out anyone who enters their domain, leaving no trace left behind. Virgos can be easily agitated as well, quickly becoming angry when things don't go their way or if anything annoying rears its head. Once a leshy does lose its temper, anything close by should get out of the way. Similarly, the typical Virgo nature means that anyone close to them can get caught up in their wrath.

Libra — Bruxa

Geralt encounters the vampiric Vereena (Agnes Born) around the same time that he first meets Nivellen. The bruxa is hidden away at the top of his house but emerges to fight Geralt. There are several types of vampires within "The Witcher" franchise, but the bruxa is one of the most popular with fans.

Inspired by Portuguese mythology, this monster is a female who was once a witch and is incredibly resilient. In fact, they are not harmed by things that are usually used to fight vampires, such as sunlight. They also possess the ability to shift their form, taking on the appearance of a giant bat with terrifying claws and teeth that they use to attack prey and enemies alike. They can even engage in psychological warfare, causing nightmares to manipulate humans into carrying out their will.

Libras are often described as beautiful, and despite the monstrous appearance of the bruxa in its bat form, they can be very attractive when they look like a human. Another Libran trait the bruxa have is their reputation for manipulation, using their skills to get exactly what they want as they bend other people to their will.

Scorpio — Basilisk

Technically, the basilisk from "The Witcher" is a draconid, the order of reptilian creatures that counts dragons, drakes, and wyverns among their number. Almost everyone who has seen any fantasy series before is aware of the basic idea of a basilisk — they are giant, deadly serpent-like creatures that devour anything they come across.

The basilisk of "The Witcher" is pretty much the same — an evil creature that breathes out poisonous fumes that can kill anyone they touch. The only difference is that they appear to have a beak and sharp talons, as if they are crossed with a grotesque bird. Like most monsters in the series, it can be harmed with silver weapons but is immune to most types of poisons.

Like Aries, the Scorpio sign has developed a somewhat negative reputation among most people. It is often regarded as being one of the darkest and savage signs of the zodiac. Scorpios are typically seen as powerful and ferocious, making them a good fit for the terrifying basilisk. Like the spirit animal that represents the sign, a scorpion, the basilisk packs a punch and can certainly sting its enemies.

Sagittarius — Ghouls

Ghouls are one of the most common foes in "The Witcher" games and are frequently mentioned in the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Known as corpse-eaters, ghouls are a type of necrophage that must consume human flesh in order to survive. Generally roaming in large packs, they are not all that strong on their own but pose a serious threat in great numbers. A pack of ghouls almost killed Geralt in the 1st season of "The Witcher," and he only survived thanks to a merchant known as Yurga. They are weak to silver like other monsters and are weakened when in sunlight or near fire.

Some of the negative traits associated with Sagittarius are self-indulgence and narcissism. They can at times only care about themselves and live to serve their own needs, which sounds very much like the ghouls from "The Witcher." Those born under this sign can also be ruthless — something that these monsters certainly are when in a large group. Finally, Sagittarius can be team players, which suits the fact that these creatures often form packs.

Capricorn — Kikimora

The kikimora is an insect-like monster that has appeared in almost every adaptation of "The Witcher," including the video games, novels, and comics. While they sometimes go by different names — such as kikimore rather than kikimora — they are essentially the same monster. This beast was actually the first one seen in the Netflix series, with Geralt making short work of the kikimora in the opening scenes of the pilot episode. Usually located in swamps, they resemble a spider-like creature with a humanoid head, giving them a truly frightening appearance that is utterly hideous.

Capricorns are known for being unforgiving and brutal, which is a description that could easily fit the kikimora. It is also an earth sign, which is a part of the zodiac that is often associated with being grounded and practical, just like the kikimora. Another reason that Capricorn works best for the kikimora is that the sign is considered the primal zodiac for the spider. Considering how much the monster looks like a massive spider, the Capricorn sign works well.

Aquarius — Djinn

Djinns are elemental air creatures and are very similar to the mythological genies. They are hugely powerful beings that can be captured, and they must grant three wishes to earn their freedom once more. Fighting the spiritual creature is not something that is usually advised, as they are quick to react and possess great strength. In the television series, Geralt inadvertently becomes the master of a djinn and accidentally wastes his first two wishes. What his third wish was is still unknown, but whatever it was saved Yennefer's life.

As an air elemental, djinns should certainly be classed within the three air signs of the zodiac. The most appropriate of them is Aquarius. This sign is ruled by Uranus and known for its intelligence and distinctive personality. These are traits that describe a djinn well, as they are clever beings that are capable of great feats. Yet they are also eccentric and known for doing their own thing, with a creative streak that makes sense for a djinn who has to come up with solutions for wishes.

Pisces — Zeugl

Zeugls are one of the few water monsters that we've seen in "The Witcher." They primarily live in sewers, feed on waste and dirt, and can grow incredibly quickly. Because they never satisfy their hunger, zeugls are always on the search for more food and need constant nourishment to sustain their rapid growth. The creature has a foul smell and appears to be rotting away, although it usually hides most of its body underwater and attacks its foes with a series of powerful tentacles.

As an underwater monster that makes its home in the sewers, it only seems right for it to be linked with a water sign, and the part of the zodiac that makes the most sense is Pisces. Not only is this one of the three water signs, but it's also represented by two swimming fish. This symbol is appropriate for the zeugl, even if the creature is not technically a fish at all. In addition, those born under the sign often have a reputation for being moody — something that also applies to the zeugl.