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37% Said This Is Their Favorite Character In The Mandalorian

When "The Mandalorian" premiered in 2019 on the then-nascent Disney+ streaming service, "Star Wars" fans immediately tuned in, and then the rest of the world followed suit. Soon, everyone was talking about "Baby Yoda," the series' breakout star, theorizing on his origins, powers, and future. While the diminutive green infant grabbed most of the headlines, "The Mandalorian" featured a host of interesting and colorful characters — some new, some old, some never before seen in live-action.

With characters ranging from beeping droids and talking frogs, to comedic mechanics and Imperial loyalists, the series — like most "Star Wars" properties — appealed to old fans and new, both young and old. As with any fandom, Star Wars devotees debated the quality of the new characters and the adherence to the canon of existing characters. Recently, Looper conducted a poll, asking U.S. viewers which character from "The Mandalorian" was their favorite. With 592 responses, the results confounded expectations and offered a few surprises.

An assassin, a bounty hunter, and a Mandalorian

Coming in at the bottom of the pack is Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen). With only 3.04% of the vote, Shand is clearly not a favorite among viewers. The assassin for hire made her live-action debut in Episode 5 of the series' first season, introduced as a mercenary eager to collect Din Djarin's bounty. Though seemingly left for dead in Season 2, Fennec Shand returned to Disney+ in "The Book of Boba Fett."

With 3.89% of the vote, Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) barely escapes the injustice of coming in last. As the leader of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, Karga is initially cold and distant, willing to overlook moral and ethical quandaries when needed to complete a contract. Eventually, Karga softens and becomes involved in the efforts to thwart the Imperial loyalists.

The Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze (Katie Sackhoff) earned more votes than Shand and Karga combined, but that wasn't enough to break out of the single digits. Of the poll takers, only 6.93% voted Bo-Katan as their favorite character. Unlike Shand and Karga, both characters created for "The Mandalorian," Bo-Katan was a canon character who appeared in the animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and "Star Wars Rebels." It's possible that fans preferred the character's depiction in those projects over her characterization in "The Mandalorian."

A former Rebel soldier and a Foundling

The first character in the poll to break out of the single digits is Cara Dune (Gina Carano), who grabbed 11.15% of the votes. A former Rebel soldier, Dune became a mercenary after the fall of the Empire. In both Seasons 1 and 2, she helps Mando out of several tight jams and eventually becomes a marshal on Nevarro after she helps rout the Imperial loyalists. It's unknown if Cara Dune will be seen again due to Carano's split with Disney.

Coming in third place, with 17.74% of the vote, is everyone's favorite green eating machine. First dubbed Baby Yoda by fans, the Kid by Mando, and The Child by Disney, the little guy's true name wasn't revealed until Season 2, Episode 5. While it was likely Grogu's resemblance to Yoda that first enamored fans, the Foundling has now developed a massive fanbase all his own. The love for this young Force-user is so strong that his appearance (along with Din Djarin's) in "The Book of Boba Fett" completely overshadowed the exploits of the show's titular character.

A pair of warriors tops the list

Speaking of Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison), the bounty hunter, who became a sarlacc's appetizer in "Return of the Jedi," snagged the No. 2 spot in the poll with 19.93%. The character's rank should not come as a great surprise. Despite being a minor character in the original trilogy, Boba instantly became a fan favorite. The franchise revisited the character in the prequel trilogy, and again in the animated "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." After appearing in "The Mandalorian," the character received his own series, "The Book of Boba Fett." Unlike the other characters in the poll, Boba Fett had over four decades to build up a loyal fanbase, which is likely why fans loved his return to action in "The Mandalorian."

Topping the list, with 37.33% of the vote, is the Mandalorian himself (Pedro Pascal). While it's not a shock that the series' title character earned first place, it's an impressive feat given the character in question. With brief exceptions in the Season 1 finale and a scene in Season 2, Din Djarin wears a masked helmet, which denies viewers the opportunity to see and react to his facial expressions. Relying solely on his voice and occasional tilts of the head, Mando managed to capture the hearts of fans. His relationship with Grogu is both tender and comical, which serves as a balance to the series' action-heavy sequences. Fans are sure to tune in when Din returns to Disney+ in Season 3 of "The Mandalorian," slated to premiere in the latter half of 2022.