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The Surprising Job Kayla Johanson Has Outside Of Gold Rush: White Water

"Gold Rush: White Water" takes viewers along as the father-son mining duo "Dakota" Fred Hurt and Dustin Hurt lead their crew through the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness in the pursuit of riches. In Season 5 of the Discovery reality series, the Hurts added two new miners to their operation: Mark Stamper and Kayla Johanson.

Johanson brought more than a decade of experience with her, although being the only woman on the crew meant she had to prove herself to her peers. In spite of her rocky start, she impressed everyone with her skills and wound up being the first person to find gold.

The miner has been open about her experience with joining the "Gold Rush" family, admitting that she had to overcome her camera shyness and adjust to working in a group since she's used to being her own boss. As if mining wasn't laborious enough, Johanson also runs her own business.

Kayla Johanson creates custom jewelry

Given her prowess for uncovering minerals and gems, it's no surprise that Kayla Johanson repurposes her dazzling finds and pieces from her collection into custom jewelry. She sells her handcrafted creations on her Etsy shop, ThePeekingDoe. The jewelry ranges from wire-wrapped gemstones to sterling silver rings.

"Gold Rush: White Water" fans will be quick to notice her signature McKinley Creek Gold Nugget Pick and Shovel design, a direct nod to the series. While Johanson admits that mining is her number-one passion, making jewelry is something she's been doing for years.

She explained to Monsters & Critics that she picked up the previously on-and-off hobby during her first long winter in Alaska. "I found that making jewelry kind of helped pass the time. So I started selling my jewelry more. And so now it's kind of like my winter job. And it keeps me a little bit sane because I would go insane if I didn't have something to do," she said.

With over 1,000 sales and a dedicated following, it's clear that Johanson's jewelry is in high demand.