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The MCU Movie You Probably Hate Based On Your Zodiac Sign

One of the biggest Hollywood franchises ever, the Marvel Cinematic Universe may consist entirely of superhero films of one sort or another, but they are all very different movies. They each have their own unique heroes and villains and range from classic origin stories to fun heist movies to dark, brooding dramas. With more than 25 movies to choose from, everyone probably already knows which MCU movie suits them best based on the traits of their zodiac sign. But what about the movies that each sign can't bear to watch?

Every zodiac sign has a different set of weaknesses, dislikes, and even hatreds, which will inevitably draw you toward movies that are perfect for you, but also propel you away from movies you can't stand. We've looked over the astrological charts of every sign, found out what each one doesn't like or should avoid, and put together a list of MCU movies you probably hate.

Aries — Avengers: Infinity War

Those born under the Aries sign are typically brash, confident, passionate, and bold. They've always got a plan, and it usually works. They make no apologies for bending the rules, especially if it means getting the job done for a good cause. However, they can also be impulsive and reckless; they love big, bold action and don't like the drawn-out lead-up. But above all, they hate to lose, which would make it doubly uncomfortable for them to sit through "Avengers: Infinity War" and watch the heroes struggle to defeat Thanos.

"Infinity War" boasts a 149-minute runtime, so an Aries has to sit through the long, winding adventures of the film's numerous heroes instead of getting right to the big confrontation with the purple-headed interstellar tyrant. And when they finally do get their wish, they'll be disappointed, as the heroes fail to win the day. On top of that, their downfall can be pinned almost entirely on Star-Lord, whose Aries-like actions on Titan derail their plan to take the gauntlet from Thanos. To see the heroes lose in Wakanda — to see half of them turn to dust — is shocking and emotionally enraging for an Aries, but for it to be a fellow Aries that brings about their defeat makes the loss sting twice as hard.

Taurus — Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Taurus is lovable and friendly, often exhibiting many of the traits of a good parental figure: patience, dependability, and kindness. They are the people you go to when you need a shoulder to cry on, because a Taurus is stable, always happy to extend a hand in friendship or offer words of wisdom. But they also like things the way they are — or the way they used to be — and they absolutely hate change (even if that change means making things better) because they find comfort in the familiar things they've always known. There is nothing more upsetting to a Taurus than upheaval, nothing more traumatic than a massive shift in the status quo. For these reasons, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is a movie that will probably give a Taurus problems. 

After "Captain America: The First Avenger," the Taurus may have found a kindred spirit in World War II soldier Steve Rogers, a stubbornly empathetic person living in the world of days gone by. But when the "Captain America" sequel hit and Rogers was shunted into the 21st century, it would have been an uncomfortable reminder that all things change. Rogers' life as a walking anachronism, forced to adapt to a new world so unlike the old one, must seem like a nightmare to a Taurus. And as Rogers fights to defeat HYDRA, the Taurus is likely horrified when Cap is forced change the status quo once again and take down SHIELD.

Gemini — The Eternals

Charming and charismatic, Geminis use their sparkling surface personality to engage those around them. With a silver tongue and a wicked sense of humor, a Gemini can make friends easily, and their ability to judge a person's character with a glance helps them sway the right people to help them get ahead. But a Gemini can also be impatient and overeager, never wanting to stop and smell the roses. Indecisive and anxious, particularly in matters of love, many self-aware Gemini's find romance detestable, and avoid it at all costs. But Geminis also tend to be constantly on edge, while their talkative nature can make them untrustworthy and bad with secrets. 

With its lengthy runtime, slow pace, and romantic subplots, Geminis probably hate the 2021 cosmic epic "The Eternals." Ikaris' stoic, rational nature may appeal to them, which makes it all the more enraging when he cannot keep his dark secret hidden. The anxious Gemini might also hate "The Eternals" for its more thoughtful, solemn tone, while their ability to size people up can mean they've figured out the film's twist earlier than most, leaving them screaming at the characters on screen, begging them not to trust the movie's true villains. If you're a Gemini, you might want to stick to something like "Iron Man," with its snarky, quick-witted hero, charming villain, and brisk pace.

Cancer — Captain America: Civil War

Cancer is the most sensitive and emotionally fragile of the zodiac signs. It's not that they're weak, it's just that their feelings often teeter on the head of a pin, easily swayed and easily toppled. Forgiving, loving, and kind, they seek out comfort in others and often offer comfort to those close them in return. In fact, one of their weaknesses is that, as a caretaker, they tend to take on more than they can handle, and their delicate emotional state can often be overwhelmed by their empathy. Given their tendency to feel so deeply, they dread confrontation and incivility, especially within families and close-knit friend groups. And as one of the most agreeable signs, Cancers also hate to see a lack of compromise, making "Captain America: Civil War" a difficult watch for them.

As the Cancer has grown to love both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers throughout their respective trilogies and two previous "Avengers" films, the characters have probably come to feel like best friends, or even family. When they butt heads over the Sokovia Accords, each pulls different teammates to their side, culminating in a split in the Avengers and a massive battle at an airport in Germany.  For a Cancer, watching the two sides fight, and being forced to choose between them, could be like watching their parents go to court after an acrimonious breakup.

Leo — Spider-Man: Homecoming

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" may be a favorite of Spider-Man fans everywhere for its jubilant full-length introduction of the character into the MCU, but if you're a Leo, it's probably a movie you don't love to watch. Warm, loving, and creative, the sign of the lion is as fierce and strong as its namesake, and dripping with confidence. Willful and full of pride for what they do and are capable of, Leos aren't necessarily arrogant, but they do love to show off for others. They aren't always looking for praise or admiration, but their performance is a reminder of all they've accomplished. Of course, with that comes an intense dislike of being ignored, which feels like people are overlooking their hard work. They hate to see others ignored too, but with that compassion also comes an intolerance for bratty, spoiled behavior. They don't like entitlement or childish antics, having suffered and struggled to get where they are.

In "Spider-Man: Homecoming," Peter Parker is just the kind of person a Leo doesn't like: immature, whiny at times, and feeling like he's owed a spot in the Avengers — even getting angry at Tony Stark when he messes up, rather than reflecting on his own actions. Stark's own way of doing things in the film also leaves a Leo unsettled, as he and Happy Hogan seem to ignore Parker rather than helping him along the path to becoming a better hero.

Virgo — Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Virgo lives in a sea of tranquility, their life a calm ocean of little waves and still water. They are perfectionists with a keen eye for detail, and keep their lives as orderly as they do their living space: neat, precise, and carefully arranged. A Virgo hates a mess, despising clutter and disarray. As such, they probably don't like Marvel's second superhero team-up film, "Avengers: Age of Ultron," a movie with more than enough upheaval to make a Virgo uneasy.

As fun as "Age of Ultron" is, it's also a cluttered film, introducing not just Ultron himself, but fellow villains Ulysses Klaue and Baron Strucker. It also introduced fans to not one but three major new members of the Avengers — Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and the Vision — and included appearances from War Machine, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and the Falcon, plus cameos from Thanos, Erik Selvig, Peggy Carter, and Heimdall. The movie was full of surprises too, with at least one seemingly permanent character death and a drastically altered team roster by the end. The Virgo may have been looking for a standard superhero adventure, something safe and familiar, but what they got were major changes to the MCU.

Libra — Ant-Man

Libras are social butterflies above all else and usually spend their lives with a big circle of friends, both social and professional. They can't stand loneliness, and they often move from romantic partner to romantic partner, with few gaps in between, to avoid isolation. As such, they have a hard time understanding loners and avoid them when possible. But Libras are also good peacemakers because of their ability to see every side in a conflict, and they hate it when people hold grudges. With all this in mind, the Libra probably dislikes the MCU origin movie "Ant-Man," which is about loner Scott Lang's fight for redemption when he stumbles across Hank Pym's advanced tech-suit.

Pym's own isolationist nature, combined with Lang's outcast status and loner tendencies, makes "Ant-Man" a discomforting watch for Libras. Furthermore, Pym's long-held grudges — against SHIELD, Tony Stark, and now the Avengers — also make the movie a difficult watch, as the Libra is probably frustrated by the characters' unwillingness and inability to hash out their problems and work together to solve a crisis.

Scorpio — Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The sign of Scorpio typically indicates a multi-faceted and complex personality that many often mistake for a dark soul. But the same traits that associate Scorpios with many of fiction's best villains also make them brave, fearless warriors and valued friends. Ironically, however, the Scorpio often eschews friendship, preferring to go it alone, because if there's one thing that angers a Scorpio, it's a person they cannot trust — someone who disrespects them, lies to them, or uses them. To protect themselves from that vulnerability, they often choose to stick to themselves. Unfortunately for any Scorpios watching "Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2," the crux of the story revolves around Star-Lord being treated the way every Scorpio fears being treated by his own father, the living planet Ego. 

"Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2" is an emotional story of family, friendship, and legacy. For a Scorpio, though, it's the story of what can happen when you let someone in, trust them, and give them any amount of control. Instead of embracing his son and giving him the love a Scorpio yearns for, Ego betrays Star-Lord, revealing that he was only using him as the means to a bigger end, and reinforcing to the Scorpio that family connections are overrated.

Sagittarius — Iron Man 3

The Sagittarius is often called the warrior-poet, a scholar and a fighter at the same time, a responsible and honest person who embraces self-improvement like it's a drug. But the Sagittarius can also have a blunt and judgmental nature. They can be careless with their words and inadvertently hurt those around them. Though confident, they hate to be let down, hate to be misled, and can't tolerate liars or dishonesty of any kind, and perhaps their most personally difficult trait is their inability to confront past trauma. All of this adds up to "Iron Man 3" being the MCU movie the Sagittarius probably hates. 

After the tremendous success of "The Avengers," the next film in the MCU was "Iron Man 3," which couldn't possibly live up to its predecessor, making it a massive disappointment for many. It also dealt heavily with Tony Stark looking his trauma right in the eye, which surely would make a Sagittarius uncomfortable. But what might be most upsetting is the infamous "twist" that revealed the villainous Mandarin to be nothing more than an English actor. While a satisfying turn for many fans, to a Sagittarius it was more than just a disappointment — it was dishonest and deceptive, something those born under this sign just can't accept.

Capricorn — Doctor Strange

Capricorns are often defined by their maturity and wisdom, and from that comes their greatest dislike: self-important, immature, irresponsible people. People who take things for granted draw their ire, along with those who don't recognize their own entitlement because they've had it easy for so long and never had to struggle for anything. As a result, most Capricorns will probably hate "Doctor Strange," since the titular hero is a self-deluded egotist and pompous jerk.

Early in the film, Stephen Strange is the epitome of everything Capricorns hate — a man who feels he's owed admiration and treats even those he professes to care about with disrespect — and his fall to the bottom doesn't humble him to the extent a Capricorn likely feels it should have. Even after Strange learns humility and becomes a hero and master of the mystic arts, he remains a sarcastic, smarmy wizard who thinks he's far funnier than he really is. And if there's one thing that aggravates a Capricorn, it's someone who thinks they're funny, but is really just obnoxious.

Aquarius — Avengers: Endgame

Of all the zodiac signs, the Aquarius might be the most ethereal, believing in the power of ideas and emotions over physical experiences, places, and people. This often makes them feel like an outcast, but their passion for living life their own way gives them a healthy respect for other people's freedom to live theirs. They have an innate need for calm, steadiness, and tranquility, and cannot handle conflict and chaos. For this reason, an Aquarius probably hates "Avengers: Endgame," a film whose biggest appeal is its utterly chaotic nature, including a complex narrative, jumbled plotlines, intricate time travel antics, and a frenzied climax.

Starting in the turmoil of one post-apocalypse and ending in another, "Avengers: Endgame" for an Aquarius may as well be a nonstop cacophony of discord. From its depressing opening (in which the heroes fail to stop Thanos a second time) to the absolutely morose first act that sees the Avengers wallowing in self-pity after a 5-year time jump, all the way to the massive battle with Thanos — which itself is more than 30 minutes of bloodshed, brutality, and destruction — the movie doesn't give an Aquarius a moment's peace. Its nonstop action and excitement, the very thing that makes the film such a joyride for many, is exactly what makes it so hard to enjoy for the sign of the Water Bearer.

Pisces — The Incredible Hulk

The sign of pure emotion, Pisces are wise beyond their years, yet still retain a youthful, almost childlike innocence. Flighty and whimsical, they live in a dream-like state, believing the whole world is a lush playground of thoughts and feelings. Prone to fantasy, they are ceaselessly romantic, optimistic, and resolute in their belief in the goodness of their fellow humans. But a Pisces also has few boundaries, which can be both a blessing and a curse. While it allows them to embrace others in their orbit with ease, it can also allow them to be taken advantage of and become the target of less reputable types. And there is nothing a Pisces hates more than negativity, anger, and rage. 

Most Pisces dislike aggression and are conflict-avoidant, preferring to solve their problems with discussion and discourse. This makes "The Incredible Hulk" the MCU movie a Pisces probably hates the most. While at the start of the film they will surely empathize and connect with Bruce Banner, who has found inner peace through meditation, there may be nothing that makes them more uncomfortable than seeing a man who'd found enlightenment drawn back into the world of violence, forced into his raging Hulk form once more. The rest of the film is essentially a series of long, angry action sequences, which can't be pleasant for the Pisces who seeks nothing more than to bring positivity, peace, and light into the world.