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The All Of Us Are Dead Scene That Had Fans In Tears

"All of Us Are Dead" manages to juggle several tones over the course of its first season. It's naturally horrific as soon as a zombie virus breaks out at the school, causing a horde of undead to chase after the students who have stayed alive. However, it still manages to capture moments of levity, which makes sense. The students have undergone something truly disturbing, and gallows humor is a common tactic to deal with it, like when Yang Dae-su (Im Jae-hyuk) sings into the camcorder as a makeshift last will and testament. 

However, a few jokes aren't enough to make the dramatic moments any less impactful. Seeing how it's a zombie show, plenty of beloved characters we learn to feel for and empathize with end up biting the dust, usually in gruesome fashion. While every student's death hits hard, there's one that's been particularly tough for the show's fans to swallow.

Fans hate that Lee Cheong-san had to die

When the zombie outbreak takes place, students quickly show their true selves. While others are cowardly and are more than willing to sacrifice others for their own self-interest (looking at you, Lee Na-yeon), some prove themselves to be upstanding leaders. Lee Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young) falls into the latter category. He's selfless and looks out for others, particularly Nam On-jo (Park Ji-hu), but he also gets on the bad side of Yoon Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo), causing the bully to target him throughout most of the series. 

They finally get into one final battle with each other, which ends with the two falling down a shaft together as the flames from an explosion follow them. It appears after doing everything right and being a moral compass throughout the show, Cheong-san met a violent end, and naturally, fans have some thoughts. Redditor u/artkilois began a thread, writing, "Still can't get over Cheong-san. He was my fave. I bawled my eyes out when he [sacrificed] himself." 

Others were in the same boat, like u/Buggyaxa, who mused, "Omg yes! And directly right after [On-jo] told him don't go sacrificing yourself. I was so hoping his hand would rise from the ashes and pick up her name tag." Others hope that Cheong-san can come back as a half-zombie, but it doesn't exactly look promising. u/Midnight_Springs confirmed, "You can see his own corpse upside down to the left, it is wearing his red shoes (they're covered in ash but there is a bit of red peeking out)."

Cheong-san may be gone, but as tends to be the case with good characters, he won't be forgotten.