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The Office Star Angela Kinsey Gets Honest About How Fans Treat Her

Almost nine years after the final episode of "The Office" aired on NBC, the sitcom is arguably more popular now than it was during the height of its lengthy stay on primetime network television. Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and now, Peacock, a whole new generation of fans is dropping lines like "That's what she said!" and "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica" in casual conversation.

"The Office" had a whole lot more going for it, though, than catchphrases, running gags, and the various twists and turns of the years-long Pam-Jim romance saga. More than anything, the show's diverse array of characters and the incredible ensemble cast that brought them all to life made it one of the greatest TV comedies of all time. Steve Carell will always be Michael Scott, Rainn Wilson is Dwight Schrute, and so on.

However, at least one of the actors played their role so well that it affected fans' perception of them off the screen. One of these actors was Angela Kinsey, who portrayed Angela Martin, an accountant and head of the party planning committee at Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch.

Fans are actually scared of Kinsey

In an interview with Page Six, Kinsey once again made it known that she couldn't be more different from the Angela we saw on "The Office." "In real life, I'm super chatty," she said. "I love to talk anyone up." In spite of that fact, some fans apparently can't help but see her as the holier-than-thou cat lady from the show. "People would see me and not approach me," she added.

Kinsey recounted that she was once traveling with Brian Baumgartner, who played fellow accountant and lovable dumb guy Kevin Malone on the show. During the trip, people would gleefully yell "Kevin!" when they saw him. However, Kinsey recalled that she received a much different reception from everyone. "Then I poked my head around, and they're like, 'Oh no, Angela's here. We better behave,'" she said.

The actress also dished on the reaction she and Wilson got whenever something happened with Angela and Dwight on the show. "Rainn and I used to crack up because Jenna [Fischer] and John [Krasinski] as Jim and Pam would get press, it would be like, 'Oh, Jim and Pam, this week they're getting engaged on 'The Office.' And everyone would be like on the comment board, 'Oh, I can't wait. Jim and Pam, yay!'" she said.

"And then when it would be like, 'Dwight and Angela revealed to be having a kid,' and everyone would be like, 'Ew.' So, Jim and Pam got, 'Aw' and Dwight and Angela got, 'Ew.," the actress added.