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The Worst Thing Kevin Malone Ever Did On The Office

Out of all of the wacky characters that have appeared throughout the nine seasons of "The Office," Kevin Malone (played by Brian Baumgartner) takes the cake as most unique. The third accountant really isn't good at any aspect of his job. In fact, his main responsibility is running the shredder — as even transferring a phone call was a huge undertaking for Kevin. Somehow, despite all of his mishaps, Kevin is able to keep his job at Dunder Mifflin for the majority of the series. It's a miracle he even made it past his first day at the Scranton office to be honest. 

There are so many amazing Kevin moments from "The Office" that actually make viewers laugh out loud. His toupee at Jim and Pam's wedding was iconic. His poor advice and inability to keep a secret. The time he wore tissue boxes as shoes or had to snuggle in a bed in order to eat pigs-in-a-blanket in an actually blanket. And let's not forget the runner-up for Kevin's worst/most iconic moment — when he spilled a giant pot of chili all over the office and used important paperwork to scoop it up. Thinking of the smell of chili-soaked office carpeting is enough to give any viewer the heebie-jeebies. 

Kevin's worst moment on the Office was the only secret he could keep

Kevin's moments are always iconic, particularly when he's trying to smooth talk the ladies. It's obvious that Kevin is desperate for female attention — even though he can't even get a woman to give him her full phone number, just six digits. But arguably the worst thing Kevin ever did ended up really being one of the only secrets he could actually keep — his browser history. 

Kevin's browser history has been a running joke on "The Office," with several characters trying to figure out what he gets up to. Back when Dunder Mifflin merged with Sabre, there was pressure on the office to be a little (or a lot) more professional. A printer mishap led to an investigation of every employee's computer, including their browser histories. This set Kevin into a panic as you can only imagine what kind of things he was looking up. In the end, viewers never found out exactly what he was searching but an IT guy clued viewers in that the searches were so filthy, the entire computer needed to be thrown away. 

Now the obvious guess is he was looking up X-rated material on the job but, knowing Kevin, he could've been looking up weird food pictures, answers to random questions, or anything in between. If this were real life, there's no way an employee like Kevin would have gotten away with it for so long.