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AMC's Super Bowl First Look At Interview With The Vampire Has Twitter Buzzing

It has been nearly 30 years since Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt brought Anne Rice's vampiric masterpiece, "Interview with the Vampire," to the big screen. The film served to redefine vampires for a new generation and kickstart the career of a young Kirsten Durst. 

Three decades later, AMC is set to reboot the series for a new era in the form of an eight-episode debut season. Super Bowl Sunday gave audiences their first look at the upcoming series via a short clip in a comprehensive promo for the AMC+ premium streaming platform. In the clip, we get a glimpse of the vampire Lestat (Sam Reid) with blood smeared across his face and a terrified Louis (Jacob Anderson), as Lestat proclaims, "I give death to those deserving."

Even though the clip only lasts a few seconds (0:27-0:33) and one foreboding line, fan chatter over on Twitter kicked into high gear immediately following the first look.

Fan reactions are overwhelmingly positive

It certainly wasn't a full trailer, but the brief peek at AMC+'s upcoming "Interview with the Vampire" series was enough to whet the appetites of fans and vampire enthusiasts alike. @hifromnewyawk wrote, "footage of the new interview with the vampire show dropped, and i don't care that it's .5 seconds i am LOSING MY MIND." That sentiment was shared by many.

@robertguydavis dug a little deeper with his comment on the aura of Sam Reid's Lestat: "Pretty happy with the look Sam Reid is bringing to TV Lestat in the upcoming INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE series."

The teaser even served to recruit others who may have been on the fence about an AMC+ streaming service, like user @LRArconoti, who confessed, "Ummm... @AMCPlus is going to have an Interview with the Vampire series?!?!?!?! Welp... Guess I'll be adding a new streaming service." 

Overall, the response to the debut clip was overwhelmingly positive in the Twitter-sphere, and fans now have something new to look forward to in honor of the late Anne Rice.