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Here's Where You Can Watch Every Movie In The Godfather Trilogy

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The official trailer for the upcoming 10-episode limited series "The Offer," based on the behind-the-scenes creation of "The Godfather" films, likely has fans of the trilogy on the edge of their seats. The series will premiere its first three episodes through the Paramount+ on April 28, with the following seven episodes dropped every Thursday thereafter (via Variety). It should give the massive fanbase of "The Godfather" insight into the story behind how the idea for the films came to be.

As we know, the first film was released in 1972 and is based on the novel by Mario Puzo. It follows Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) as he and his wife Kay (Diane Keaton) are dragged into the Mafia family business run by his father Vito (Marlon Brando). It is full of violence and betrayal and is considered by many to be one of the greatest films of all time, along with "The Godfather: Part II," which follows the two storylines of present-day Michael and a young Vito. "The Godfather: Part III," released in 1990, then follows an older Michael who is trying to get his family out of the mob while his nephew Vincent (Andy Garcia) and kingpin Don Altobello (Eli Wallach) make it virtually impossible.

It's likely that fans will want to rewatch the originals in order to refresh their memory before "The Offer" comes out. Here's where you can watch the entire "The Godfather" trilogy. 

The Godfather trilogy can be rented on Amazon Prime and YouTube

With just over two months until "The Offer," fans of "The Godfather" trilogy will unfortunately not be able to watch any of the movies for free with a subscription to any streaming service. However, the best and least expensive places to rent or buy "The Godfather" trilogy would be on Amazon Prime Video or YouTube. Both offer the HD version of each movie for $3.99, and if rented, the film would stay available to watch for 48 hours after starting it. 

It could be possible that as the date for "The Offer" approaches, a deal may be released where the trilogy would be streamable for a short time, perhaps on Paramount+. Otherwise, fans of "The Godfather" will have to pay a grand total of $12 dollars if they want to watch every movie.

However, Paramount Pictures did release a 50th Anniversary trailer for "The Godfather" on January 13 of this year, noting that it will return to theaters on February 25 and will also be released in a remastered 4K Ultra HD on March 22. So, there are two other options for the first film. It will be interesting to see what else happens with the famed trilogy as we near the release of "The Offer."