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Why Larry David's Crypto Commercial Has Twitter So Divided

Leave it to Larry David to play the ultimate naysayer to innovation throughout human history. In the new Super Bowl LVI commercial for cryptocurrency exchange FTX, the grumpy "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star objects to new technology and inventions across the centuries, from the wheel to American democracy. He even reacts to the lightbulb with the hilarious "Thomas Edison, ehhhh, can I be honest with you? It...it stinks."

Finally, when someone tells a modern-day Larry that FTX is an easy way to get into crypto, he replies, "Eh, I don't think so, and I'm never wrong about this stuff! Never!" The ad tells us "Don't Be Like Larry" and not to miss out on the next big thing.

And though David does look like he's having fun in the new commercial, social media has been in an uproar over what to think of his appearance. Here's why Larry David's FTX ad is so controversial on Twitter.

Cryptocurrency itself is very controversial

One reason for the divided response is that cryptocurrency has attracted controversy because of its environmental impact and debatable effectiveness, among other reasons (via Finance Buzz). Twitter users like @itmeJP have posted responses like "Larry David commercial is the best commercial oH MY GOD NO WHY IS IT FOR THAT" because of these issues. Some posters implied as well that they'd have been fine with a Larry David ad that was about something other than decentralized finance, like @SilversteinAdam who wrote, "That Larry David commercial was on the verge of being great."

Others online did respond positively to the comedy in the commercial. @RealGlenMacNow tweeted "Okay, we needed Larry David to bring us the first great [ad] of the night." @almannarino pointed out how "Larry David being Larry David works for any ad...even a crypto one." But of all the critics and champions of the ad on Twitter, it was @****showdotinfo who may have won the site with their observation that "larry david crypto ad and backlash would make a good curb episode." Hard to argue with that.