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What Is The Song In Uber Eats' Super Bowl 2022 Commercial?

The Super Bowl is just days away, and companies nationwide are unveiling advertising campaigns that they hope will keep football fans enchanted and glued to NBC and keep them from channel surfing. 

UberEats started as a restaurant delivery service, but now they deliver inedible products and groceries such as kitty litter, diapers, sponges, cotton, and other objects. In their latest ad, an array of people — from actresses Jennifer Coolidge and Gwyneth Paltrow to "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah to "Succession" star Nicholas Braun – quickly discover that even though the bag still says "UberEats," it's unwise to pour a whole bottle of dishwashing liquid into your mouth or bite and consume a candle.

This gastronomical misfortune is underscored by a song that went viral on a very popular app in 2020. If you're at all familiar with this app — or you just plain enjoy watching clips of videos featuring people falling down — then you're probably familiar with this tune. What's the name of the song UberEats is using in their Super Bowl 2022 commercial?

Capone's Oh No can be heard during the commercial

The tune is Capone's "Oh No" (via YouTube). The song famously samples and speeds up a musical and a vocal sample from '60's girl group The Shangri-Las'. That's their "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" that you can also hear. "Oh No" became something of a meme thanks to its heavy use on TikTok in 2020 (per Know Your Meme). Though the site hasn't tracked down just where the trend originated from, they think that it started in the Fortnite gaming community. The earliest example they could find of the meme was from September 7, 2020.

Since then, the song has generated its own hashtag on TikTok, to which video makers have posted calamitous clips of everything from cooking fails to people falling down to gaming failures to pet videos. Per Know Your Meme, 300,000 videos have been posted to the hashtag using the song since it gained popularity. No wonder UberEats has snapped the song up.