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Who Is The Star In Taco Bell's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial?

Star-studded commercials from major brands are a staple of the Super Bowl each year, making it perhaps the one televised event where people willingly watch ads. One company running into the advertising end zone this year is Taco Bell, and they're sparing no expense with a quirky commercial featuring one of pop's hottest current stars.

The commercial opens on a roomful of clowns in a clown school, suited up in full clown makeup and looking incredibly bored as a repetitive announcement from a PA system declares that the ice cream machine is broken. It's not too hard to figure out which of their competitors Taco Bell is throwing shade at.

One of the clowns finds car keys under a party hat, grabs her clown friends to steal a clown car, and they bust out of the clown school, joyriding to where else but Taco Bell, a place where they can truly be themselves. The ringleader of these rebellious clowns loses her clown makeup and gets a wardrobe change mid-ride, revealing herself to be a major pop star.

Doja Cat is a clown with cravings for a Baja Blast in Taco Bell's Super Bowl LVI ad spot

The star of Taco Bell's clown-themed Super Bowl LVI commercial is none other than Doja Cat, a pop star and rapper who has quickly become one of the top-selling artists of the past few years. Doja first broke out with her R&B/hip-hop crossover song, "So High," which reached a wide audience after several viral remixes. The song, however, drew controversy for lyrics that referenced stereotypes about Asian people.

Doja Cat saw a career resurgence in 2019 when her music began trending on the video platform TikTok, as users created viral dances set to songs like "Say So." The release of her 2021 album, "Planet Her," cemented the singer in popular culture with even more hits, including the infectious "Get Into It (Yuh)" and the pulsing, sensual "Woman." The album received multiple Grammy nominations, including album of the year.

The song backing Doja Cat's performance in Taco Bell's Super Bowl ad is her cover of Hole's 1998 rock hit "Celebrity Skin," which was apparently released in coordination with the ad campaign. Last year, she did something similar when she sold Pepsi to a "Grease" cover. When you find yourself hawking Baja Blasts and Crunchwrap Supremes while dressed in a clown costume, you know you've made it to the big time.