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The Austin Powers Scene That Went Too Far

Today, former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Mike Myers is remembered for creating several memorable comedic characters, from Wayne Campbell to Shrek. Two of the most enduring and endearing are  Austin Powers and Dr. Evil from the "Austin Powers" franchise. The iconic series that parodies James Bond films of every era has grossed almost $500 million so far. The first film in the franchise, "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," premiered in 1997 and grossed $213 million. The sequel, 1999's "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," also topped $200 million. Unfortunately for the franchise, the third film, 2002's "Austin Powers: Goldmember," only brought in $53 million (via Box Office Mojo). Myers has talked about wanting to make a fourth film, but so far one hasn't materialized (via SlashFilm).

Since 2002, Myers reprised Dr. Evil in 2014, when he played him in a "Saturday Night Live" cold open about North Korea and the hacking of Sony Pictures. He'll be playing Austin's nemesis once again in an ad campaign for the 2022 Super Bowl.

It's always a good time to watch a comedy classic like "International Man of Mystery," but like many movies, especially comedies, it does have its problems.

Austin's relationship with Vanessa Kensington gets off to a rough start

Overall, "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" still holds up as a great comedy and a solid film in its own right. In addition to the parody elements and the comedic premise of a man from the 1960's stuck in the 1990's, the first "Austin Powers" movie has an actual plot and character development. All three movies in the trilogy have memorable gags, but the first movie still holds up (via Reddit).The first "Austin Powers" is more than just a parody of James Bond movies. It's full of hilarious moments, visual jokes, memorable characters, and fun setpieces. 

One scene early in the film hasn't aged well. Early in the film, after Austin is thawed out and briefed at the Ministry of Defense, he and Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley), fly to Las Vegas on Austin's psychedelic private jet. While Vanessa is trying to get him to focus on paperwork, he tries to show off his rotating leopard-print-covered bed, posing suggestively and asking if she's horny She brushes him off repeatedly. 

Like many other scenes in the film, it's a scene that pokes at 1960's attitudes. Today it just makes Austin seem creepy, and Vanessa tells him off. Later in the film, when she sees Austin's softer side, Vanessa does fall for him despite how things started.