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Bender's Voice Actor Addresses The Fan Reactions To Hulu's Futurama Revival

"Good news, everyone" quickly turned to "Bad news, everyone" when it came to the announcement of a beloved classic returning to our screens.

Fans initially rejoiced when it came out that Hulu would revive "Futurama" for 20 more episodes. It even sounded as if the original cast would return, but there was a noticeable exception when looking at the list. John DiMaggio, who voices Bender on "Futurama" as well as dozens of other famous characters from all of your other favorite shows, had not signed on for the new batch of episodes. Things sounded up in the air, with DiMaggio's return still a possibility, but there hasn't been any other word since the announcement. 

Coupled with the fact that they're looking to recast the role if DiMaggio doesn't sign on, it's understandable that some "Futurama" fans are in an uproar. Now, DiMaggio himself is getting in on the conversation in a way Bender would most certainly approve of.

Cheese it!

DiMaggio hasn't explicitly mentioned anything about whether he'll return as Bender. More than likely, he's still in the midst of contract negotiations and can't speak to the specifics of what's going on. However, he's letting his support for his fans known by posting vigorously on Twitter, including one post where he commented, "CHEESE IT!!!! Futurama fans threaten to 'boycott' new revival series over recasting of Bender." He shared an article detailing the situation, and that's not the only thing he's sharing. 

If you go to his Twitter profile, he's retweeted a bunch of posts from people insisting that only DiMaggio could play Bender, such as one post from "Final Space" creator Olan Rogers, who wrote, "New Futurama without one of the most talented voice actors to ever walk the Earth? Nah, I'm going to pass. Do what you got to do @TheJohnDiMaggio Appreciate everything you did on Final Space. You got my support!"

He also retweeted Jorge R. Gutierrez, the director for "The Book of Life," who said, "Futurama without @TheJohnDiMaggio is insanity! @hulu is too smart and knows we need our old friends together for the magic to work again. #bendergate." It's clear fans from all backgrounds care deeply about Bender and want desperately to see DiMaggio reprise the character who's only famous because of him. Perhaps with all of this online chatter, all of the parties involved can come together to reach an agreement to give fans what they want. After all, when that first new episode comes out, we all want John DiMaggio as Bender to say, "We're back, baby!"