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Fans Already Have A Problem With Hulu's Futurama Revival

The untold truth of "Futurama" just got a brand new chapter when Hulu announced it will bring the beloved animated comedy back to life with a 20-episode order (via The Hollywood Reporter). This marks the second time Matt Groening and David X. Cohen's tenacious animated show has made it back from the dead, and after its stints on Fox and Comedy Central, Hulu will be the third network to host "Futurama."

Seeing as Groening's other famous animated show is the apparently eternal "The Simpsons," it's not all that shocking that his space comedy has also proved to be awfully tenacious — especially when you consider that "Futurama" almost never made it on air in the first place. Still, not every fan is ecstatic over the news. Beloved as the show may be among the viewers (via Rotten Tomatoes), there is one aspect of "Futurama's" latest comeback that has ruffled plenty of feathers. Here's why people have a problem with Hulu's "Futurama" revival.


Fans aren't happy that John DiMaggio may not return to voice Bender

"Futurama's" return itself would likely be welcome for each and every fan of the show, if it wasn't for one unfortunate casting situation: According to Deadline, John DiMaggio may not be voicing the foul-mouthed fan favorite bending unit, Bender Bending Rodriguez, this time around. 

The vast majority of the "Futurama" voice cast will return for the Hulu revival, but as the situation currently stands, Bender and other DiMaggio's characters will be voiced by a new, as yet unannounced actor — at least, in the table readings. The reason behind this doesn't seem to be any animosity toward the project from DiMaggio's part. Instead, there appears to be a dispute over the actor's contract, and the negotiations aren't proceeding at the moment. 

The story is still very much developing, but fans are already up in arms over a potential recasting, and they haven't been shy to speak their mind. "Recasting a voice legend like John DiMaggio's Bender is a terrible idea," user @kellie-dixon announced on Twitter, and many others concurred. 

"Bad move #Futurama @TheJohnDiMaggio is hugely responsible for the success of the show," esteemed voice actor Tara Strong tweeted a professional's opinion. "Voice actors, loved by fans r treated insanely unfair by #Hollywood. They love making us feel replaceable & get away with paying a fraction of what on camera celebs make. Time to close the gap."

It remains to be seen whether DiMaggio and Hulu are able to reach an agreement, but one thing is clear: If they don't, the latest incarnation of "Futurama" will have to deal with lots of irate fans.