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The Jackass Stunts That Steve-O Can't Bear To Watch

For over 20 years, "Jackass" has reigned supreme as one of the leviathans of modern slapstick comedy. The franchise, which centers on a group of friends playing elaborate pranks on each other and performing hair-raising stunts, began with the inception of the original acclaimed reality television show in 2000 and is still going strong with the recent release of its fifth feature-length installment, "Jackass Forever." In all that time, fans have borne witness to all sorts of ridiculous shenanigans that range all the way from outright hilarious to downright hair-raising.

"Jackass" is always in the process of one-upping itself in one way or another. But while it can sometimes feel like there's no ceiling for how insane, uncomfortable and risky the stunts can be, even some of the cast has their limits. In particular, longtime "Jackass" star Steve-O has gone on the record to state that there are a few specific stunts that he personally can't bear to witness.

Steve-O can't watch any stunts involving bulls and Johnny Knoxville

In a 2020 interview with skateboarding podcast The Nine Club, Steve-O explained that despite the slapstick nature of the "Jackass" series, he tries to avoid seeing any stunt where someone is likely going to get grievous physical injuries from their participation. When further asked if there were any particular sorts of stunts that he can simply never bear to watch, he had a definitive answer: any stunt involving his co-star Johnny Knoxville and bulls, which are notoriously aggressive animals.

"Knoxville has always felt unaccountable for whatever he did in the presence of bulls," Steve-O explained in the interview. Steve-O's fears about the risky nature of these stunts aren't completely unfounded. Fans may be aware that Knoxville was repeatedly hospitalized during the filming of "Jackass Forever," with the most egregious incident owing to a stunt that involved him doing a magic trick in a bull ring. The bull rammed Knoxville, who suffered a brain hemorrhage, as well as several broken bones.

It's unknown if the "Jackass" crew will ever attempt another bull-related stunt in future outings after this latest incident, though considering Knoxville's long-time propensity for bringing the animal into various bits, there's a decent chance that fans haven't seen have seen the last of them on the series. Fans can rest assured, however, that if Knoxville comes face-to-face with a bull once again, Steve-O will not be watching that particular confrontation head-on.