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The Surprising Role Ice Age's Justina Machado Would Like To Take On - Exclusive

Justina Machado has been acting for nearly 30 years, landing her big break in 2001 on the unconventional HBO show "Six Feet Under" playing Vanessa Diaz. Since then, she has appeared on "ER," "Jane the Virgin," "Queen of the South," and the "One Day at a Time" reboot. She has even dabbled in animation, having voiced characters on "Elena of Avalor" and "DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms." Her latest project, "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" — in which she plays the skunk-like Zee alongside one-eyed weasel Buck, who's voiced by Simon Pegg — is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

While it may seem like Machado has tackled a lot in Hollywood, there's still a dream role that alludes her. It's one that she really hopes comes her way someday — and it may surprise you. Here's what the actress had to say during an exclusive interview with Looper about what's at the top of her acting wish list.

Justina Machado would 'love' to star in a musical

While Machado has almost 100 credits to her name, according to IMDb, there's one genre of onscreen work that she hasn't been involved in yet that she considers to be her dream role. "I'd love to do a musical," she says, adding, "I did 'In the Heights' on Broadway, and I would love to do a live action [version]."

Machado made her Broadway debut in the Tony-winning musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda as Daniela in 2009 — and the popular production was turned into a film in 2021, but Machado was not in it.

Still, she'd love to star in a live-action musical of any kind. "That is really something I'd love to do," she reiterates. "I feel like they're making a comeback, especially with [the recent] 'West Side Story,' and all of these great things happening."

In the meantime, you can watch Machado in her latest film, "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild," which is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.