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The Book Of Boba Fett Chapter 7 Mod Moment That Made No Sense To Fans

It's fair to say that some noticeable issues were messing up the pages in "The Book of Boba Fett," but one that stood out more than most was the addition of Boba's mob of Mods. The young guns led by Drash ("Yellowjackets" Sophie Thatcher) that rode flashy speeder bikes drastically lacking any speed were an addition that stalled the second they arrived. After that woeful chase scene that went at a Bantha pace, the team that Tatooine's new Daimyo took in made little impact on the show and weren't fleshed out as well as they could've been.

The final episode provided a chance at redeeming these wired-up whippersnappers, though, when the final showdown between Boba and The Pyke Syndicate led to an all-out laser fest and those on the bounty hunter's side helping out where they were needed. With that said, as great as it was to have some extra guns in the fight, it led to one moment involving Skad (Jordan Bolger) that had fans both cringing and cracking up over what made its way on screen.

Fans couldn't ignore Skad's unnecessary spin

When the chips were down, and it looked like Boba's battle plans were in the wind, battle-hungry Wookie Black Krrsantan was taken to safety by the Mods key members Skad and Drash. The effort to get him out of harm's way came with unnecessary flair, though, when while carrying Black K off the battlefield, the two Mods stopped to fire back, and Skad seemingly threw a twirl in for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

It was indeed a choice and one that fans couldn't ignore seeing. Naturally, after spotting the spontaneous dance-like move, viewers took the understandable action of going on Reddit to question what they'd just witnessed. u/Simon2105 promptly mocked the "spin move by that cyborg guy," leaving u/Notsobigboss to chime in saying, "I don't think I've ever seen a spin move so unnecessary before."

u/phantom-under-ground questioned the sheer logistics of the move, asking, "How did that help his shot other than to make him dizzy and have to reacquire the target." Others did defend the decision (sort of), saying that he was performing a 360 no scope, often done in first-person shooters. At the same time, Marc_Cee argued he may suffer from the same condition as Derek Zoolander and that "he can't turn left." 

Hey, this show saw Grogu bring down a Rancor calf. Stranger things have happened.