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The HoriMiya Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Appearances can be deceiving. That's the overarching theme behind the anime series described as "a rom-com anime for people tired of rom-coms" — the Hulu series "HoriMiya." 

The character Miyamura (Alejandro Saab in the English dub) seems like a shy, forgettable kid at first glance, for example, but it turns out he's a completely different person under that mop of long hair (he's got four piercings in each ear, for starters). Meanwhile, Makio (Kiba Walker), the cool kid who used to bully Miyamura in middle school, is actually a big softie who just wants to be loved. Even the heroine's deadbeat dad might be a little more caring than he initially seems.

It's the same when it comes to zodiac signs; there's always more to them than meets the eye. Most of us have at least a few misconceptions about signs other than own, because we don't really know what makes them tick. Leos are egotistical — or are they? Geminis are shallow — or do they just seem that way? By designating a sign to each character from "HoriMiya," we not only gain insight into the series, but the zodiac as well. Read on to discover which character most closely aligns with your personality.

Aries: Honoka Sawada

Honoka Sawada is a poster child for the Sign of the Ram. Like any Aries, Honoka knows exactly what she wants, and heaven help anybody who stands in her way. She falls head-over-heels in love with Hori (because Aries always "fall HARD," says Zodiac Fire), and as far as Honoka is concerned, the fact that Hori already has a boyfriend is only a small bump in the road. Plus, Rams are not exactly known for being patient. Honoka begins shamelessly stalking Miyamura, demanding to know when he's going to break up with Hori.

Of course, a Ram will sometimes use their bluster to hide deep insecurities, according to Cosmopolitan. After confessing to Miyamura that her older brother died, she tries to brush it off by pretending it was only a joke. But this tragedy was very much real for Honoka, and her wounds are still healing. Later, when a bunch of boys are teasing her, she runs back to Miyamura, knowing they will leave her alone if she pretends he is her boyfriend. The bottom line is that, deep down, an Aries just "desperately wants to be liked." 

Taurus: Akane Yanagi

According to Cosmopolitan, folks born under the Sign of the Bull are reluctant to embrace change and can be a bit slow to warm up to new friends, but if you're patient with them you will gain their trust. This is especially true of Akane Yana. He has never called anyone at school by their first name. Whenever he does start getting on a first-name basis, he insists on taking it slow, one name at a time. Tauruses love fine food and have excellent taste in cuisine. As it turns out, Akane Yanagi is a foodie.

According to HypeBae, Bulls are very literal. This means they are always very sincere and say exactly what they mean. But it also means that a Taurus won't always pick up on the cue that you are only joking around. Sometimes other signs will take advantage of them. Remi tries to get Akane to say "Bye-bye" instead of his usual "Bye," and Akane sheepishly complies, not realizing that Remi is just teasing him.

Gemini: Remi Ayasaki

The other signs tend to view Geminis as superficial, and it's easy to see why everyone gets that impression of Remi Ayasaki. When asked what she would do if she only had one day left to live, Remi announced she would "load up on desserts."

People born under the Sign of the Twins are gossip-mongers who want to know all the scandalous details, says Cosmopolitan, and Remi is no exception. Twins are avid readers, even if they're prone to skimming, because a Gemini would rather learn a little bit about everything than a lot about one thing. Remi prefers "Grimm's Fairy Tales" to the more heady stuff like Goethe.

At a glance, Remi seems like an airhead, but this couldn't be further from the case. Remi is smart, and she has a special talent for seeing into your soul. Like any Gemini, Remi senses right away if a friend is hurting and knows exactly what to say to encourage them; Remi gives Sakura the confidence boost she needs by reminding her that she is beautiful in her own unique way. But on the flip side, this means that Gemini know exactly "what buttons to push," according to Astrology.com. Remi is one of the first characters to pick up on Hori's crush on Miyamura, so she gleefully probes Hori until she provokes a confession of love out of her. If you make an enemy of Remi, she will mess with your mind.

Cancer: Sota Hori

Cancer is known for being one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac. Sota Hori (Emily Fajardo) takes good care of his big sister. When Hori has a fever and tries to go to school anyway, he makes her stay home and rest. Before leaving for school, Sota begs his sister, "Don't die while I'm gone, okay?" That is totally in-character, because Cancers are prone to get a little melodramatic.

If you're born under the Sign of the Crab, you may be sensitive and a little bit clingy. He tells Hori's boyfriend, "She's my big sis, you know," because he's afraid that Hori won't want to spend any more time with him now that she's dating Miyamura. But soon Sota comes to accept Miyamura as one of the family; he even says that his family's Christmas dinner won't be complete without Miyamura. "The more, the merrier" for a Cancer, says Astrology.com.

Cancers will always know exactly how you are feeling, and they are very supportive. But a Cancer will fully expect you to reciprocate that support. When Sota shows his sister that he got an excellent report card, Hori tries to listen, but she is distracted by worries of what she'll do after high school. Outraged, Sota reminds her, "I was happy about your grades! C'mon!"

Leo: Kakeru Sengoku

Folks born under the Sign of the Lion are leaders, so nobody embodies a Leo better than Kakeru Sengoku (Belsheber Rusape Jr.), who is top of his class and president of the student council. Like many Leos, Kakeru is a little bit bossy at times, especially when delegating tasks to his fellow members of the council. Yet, behind a Leo's confident facade is a soft side they keep secret from everyone, according to Zodiac Fire. Kakeru will "cry like a baby" reading a sad story and then deny it afterward.

Sengoku is deeply insecure, not least because Hori used to bully him when they were younger. According to Remi, "He'll laugh about how bad he is at sports, while secretly wishing he wasn't." Like most Leos, he depends on the adoration and support of his loved ones. Kakeru admits to Sakura that one reason he is drawn so much to Remi is because she looks up to him and depends on him (forget that Remi fakes a fear of spiders to make Sengoku feel better about his own arachnophobia). It's not that he thinks Remi is weak — quite the opposite, in fact. He just relies on her to boost his low self-esteem. "I'm not a very strong person to begin with," he says. "But for her sake, I want to become the strongest I've ever been, despite my limitations."

Virgo: Kyoko Hori

Just like her boyfriend, Kyoko Hori insists everyone calls her by her last name. Technically, Hori's birthday is confirmed to be March 25th, which would make her an Aries, but her personality is actually a closer match to the Sign of Virgin.

A Virgo likes to keep things tidy, says Cosmopolitan. With her mother Yuriko (Marissa Lenti) and her father Kyosuke (Bill Butts) absent most of the time, Hori takes it upon herself to make sure her home is clean. Virgos also make excellent teachers, as demonstrated by Hori's tutoring sessions with Motoko (Emi Lo).

Like most Virgos, Hori has a tendency to overthink everything. Instead of asking Miyamura his name like any normal person, Hori eavesdrops on the boy's locker room, hoping to hear somebody call Miyamura by his first name. When Hori is upset, she can become paranoid and a bit of a control freak, which is fairly common in Virgos. When Hori is reminded that her boyfriend is attracted to guys just as much as girls, she makes Miyamura promise her that if he's going to cheat on her, he'd better at least do it with a girl. Plus, don't be surprised if a Virgo is a little pragmatic. Hori buys a round of ice cream for Miyamura and his friends — because it's a hot day, but also because the ice cream was on sale.

Libra: Makio Tanihara

If you are born under the Sign of the Scales, you will probably try to avoid conflict at any cost. Libras are an absolute whiz at defusing tensions. This is definitely true of Makio Tanihara. 

After Hori pounds him effortlessly, Tanihara goes to great lengths to avoid a rematch, trying to spare his friends the same fate. One of his buddies mouths off to Hori after she tells him to stop loitering, but before Hori can rend him another one, Makio intervenes. Makio assures Hori that he and his pals were just "picking up the trash," and anyway they were just leaving.

One of a Libra's most common flaws is "caring a little too much about what others think," says Your Tango. While he acts like he couldn't care less about anybody else's opinion, Makio is actually quite sensitive. He is clearly uncomfortable when his friends say Miyamura (whom Makio used to bully in middle school) is so much cooler now in high school. Makio feels like he can't possibly compare, especially since he knows that Hori (whom Makio has a crush on) chose Miyamura over him.

Most notably, a Libra can't stand to be alone. Seeing all his old friends flock around Miramura, Makio realizes how much he misses having company. He decides to make amends with Miyamura so they can all be friends, because a Libra would never let a rivalry ruin a potential friendship.

Scorpio: Izumi Miyamura

If you're a Scorpio, you are likely secretive and slow to trust. Enter Izumi Miyamura, a perfect example of this zodiac sign. For starters, he's not on a first-name basis with anyone — not even his girlfriend Hori (Marisa Duran). He just doesn't see a need to tell anyone his first name, so everybody just calls him "Miyamura." Plus, Miyamura sports some piercings and really cool tattoos, but he hides them when he's at school, so his classmates just see him as a quiet, geeky kid.

"Scorpio longs for commitment and intimacy, but at the same time, is secretly afraid of these things," according to Your Tango. It takes a long time for Miyamura to accept his romantic feelings for Hori, let alone admit them to her. No matter how much his friends tell him it's okay if he likes Hori, Miyamura denies it and even tells his friend Toru (Zeno Robinson from "Owl House") that he's free to ask Hori out. When Miyamura finally does open up to Hori, she is sick with a fever and not sure if she can hear him.

Also, Scorpios can be emotional, says Zodiac Fire, and not just in the "emo" sense of the word. After graduating, Miyamura thinks about how much he's going to miss his high school days, even dwelling on a depressing hypothetical scenario in which he and his high school friends had never met.

Sagittarius: Toru Ishikawa

For Toru Ishikawa, the past is in the past, as is often the case for people born under the Sign of the Archer. Toru is quick to let go and move on. According to Elle, Archers will "always bounce back" after a breakup, because for a Sagittarius, there are other fish in the sea. After Hori turns him down, Toru subsequently crushes on Remi (Jalitza Delgado), Akane (Johnny Yong Bosch), and Yuki (Anairis Quinones).

Other signs may feel like Sagittarians don't take things seriously, says Compatible Astrology. For instance, when Toru sees Honoka (Apphia Yu) fling herself at Hori while her boyfriend is standing right next to them, his first reaction is to shout "Plot twist!" But Archers are not afraid to discuss deeper subjects, too. According to Astrology.com, Sagittarians are quite philosophical. Toru gives an elaborate speech about how much he loves snow and everything it symbolizes, when he is actually talking about how much he loves Yuki (whose name means "snow").

If you give them a chance, Sagittarians can actually be quite sincere — sometimes to the point of being brutally honest. In a single scene, Toru proceeds to call Miyamura "creepy," "annoying," and "just plain weird." Though, at the end he assures Miyamura that none of these are bad things. "Nothing wrong with being a little awkward." That's classic Sagittarius: They won't sugarcoat things for you, but they're not doing it to be mean. They are genuinely trying to help, in their own strange Sagittarius way.

Capricorn: Sakura Kono

Like most Capricorns, Sakura Kono (Celeste Perez) will devote herself completely and utterly to work because she knows it will pay off. When Toru finds Sakura catching up on her student council efforts after school, he is impressed to see she is "working [her butt] off when there's no one around to watch." And while this dedication is amazing, it also means that "Capricorns never let themselves off the hook" (according to Cosmopolitan). Sakura is extremely hard on herself; she tells Remi matter-of-factly, "I'm not attractive like you are."

According to Your Tango, a Capricorn will bottle up their emotions for a long time (when a classmate is concerned for her, she tells him "I just got my heart broken, that's all.") The pressure keeps building up inside her, until everything explodes out all at once and Sakura collapses into a sobbing heap.

Nonetheless, those born under the Sign of the Goat are among the most patient of all zodiac signs. Sakura demonstrates a phenomenal degree of patience when we see her baking batches and batches of cookies for Toru in hopes to win his heart.

Aquarius: Shu Iura

There's no clearer Aquarius on the show than Shu Iura (Y. Chang). Folks born under the sign of the Water-Bearer are really into music, according to Zodiac Fire, and Shu is a big music fan. In fact, when Miyamura tries to describe what he loves most about each of his friends in a single sentence, the first thing that comes to mind for Shu is that he has "great taste in music."

"Some people find [Aquarians] aloof or cold," says Cosmopolitan, but really the Water Bearers are just more guarded with their feelings. Shu's sister Motoko feels like her brother hates her because he is usually icy when she's around, but he's still there for his sister when it matters most. Aquarians are rebels, willing to stand up for the little guy, even if their sheer determination makes them seem a bit crazy. For Shu, that "little guy" is his little sister Motoko. After a teacher tells Motoko she's not smart enough to get into the school she wants, Shu tells his sister that he knows she's smart and studies hard, and he asks her to "introduce" him to the teacher so he can "punch his lights out."

Pisces: Yuki Yoshikawa

Like most people born under the Sign of the Fish, Yuki is a good listener. When the whole school wonders why Miyamura got into a fistfight with his buddy Toru, Miyamura confides to Yuki that they were fighting about Hori, and Yuki promises to keep his secret. According to Your Tango, it can be quite difficult for a Pisces to say no. When Yanagi asks Yuki out on a date, she's too nice to turn him down flat. Instead she comes up with an elaborate plan to pretend that she already has a boyfriend, so she won't hurt Yanagi's feelings too much.

A Pisces tends to give in to pressure from others. Whether she's grabbing the last manga from the shelf or asking out the boy she loves, Yuki tends to yield to everyone around her rather than stand up for herself. She just says, "I think that girl wanted it more than I did," even though she actually wants it desperately. Yuki's selflessness is one of her best qualities, but, just like any Pisces, Yuki needs to be reminded that it's okay to want things for herself. Culture Astrology recommends that a Pisces should "stop thinking that [they] deserve pain instead of happiness in life," and thankfully Yuki does take this advice by the end of "HoriMiya." She finally does put herself first, even if some fans would argue that she went a bit too far.