Why Ava Bekker From Chicago Med Looks So Familiar

"Chicago Med" knows how to entertain its audience with its gripping medical stories and character-led drama, and has been doing so for years now (per IMDb). In fact, "Chicago Med" is the most-watched medical drama in the 2021-2022 season, beating out top contenders like "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Good Doctor," as noted by CinemaBlend. Set in Dick Wolf's "One Chicago" universe, the series follows the personal and professional lives of a team of doctors and nurses at the fictional Gaffney Medical Center.

However, not every character in "Chicago Med" is equally likable. Many fans think Dr. Ava Bekker, played by Norma Kuhling, is a top contender for the worst character on the show thanks to her shocking behavior. Ava hails from South Africa and moves to Chicago as a cardiothoracic surgeon. She becomes competitive with Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell), but their relationship quickly turns romantic in Season 2. Things take a dark turn when Ava sleeps with Connor's rich father to help him raise money for a new OR. Connor then pushes away from Ava's advances, leading her to try more desperate tactics to win him back over. Then in a drastic move, she kills Connor's father by giving him an overdose of insulin, and when Connor finds out she's the one responsible, she kills herself in the Season 5 finale.

Other than "Chicago Med," Norma Kuhling has starred in a few other projects which you may recognize her from.

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Norma Kuhling is an ex-girlfriend in Fallen

With just nine credits under her belt, including two shorts according to IMDb, actor Norma Kuhling seems to be in the midst of a growing acting career. However, she does have a couple of titles worth mentioning.

Her first major acting credit is the 2016 fantasy-romance film "Fallen." Based on the Lauren Kate book by the same name, the film follows teen Luce Price (Addison Timlin) who is sent to the Sword & Cross boarding school after she is blamed for the death of a boy named Trevor. Within days of her arrival, she finds herself drawn to Daniel (Jeremy Irvine), who eventually reveals himself to be an angel that has been in love with Luce for thousands of years.

Kuhling plays Rachel, Trevor's ex-girlfriend who shows up in just a few scenes when Luce has flashbacks of the party where Trevor died. Although Kuhling's role in "Fallen" is minor, it marks her first foray into feature-length films.

Kuhling is a dysfunctional friend in Fourteen

After "Fallen," Kuhling would star in just two episodes of the USA network series "Falling Water" before she landed the role of Ava Bekker in "Chicago Med." Her role in the medical drama was her first major role, and has undoubtedly led her to gain other parts.

In 2019, following her character's dramatic exit in "Chicago Med," Kuhling starred in the independent film "Fourteen." The drama follows two best friends, Mara (Tallie Medel) and Jo Mitchel (Kuhling) as they navigate life in their 20s. Mara is the more stable of the two and works as a teacher's aide. Meanwhile, Jo starts on a downward spiral after she is fired from her job for constantly being late. Thus begins a decade-long bout of mental illness, drug abuse, and overall dysfunction for Jo while Mara struggles to help her friend. The film boasts an impressive 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and certainly shows off Kuhling's dramatic acting chops.

Kuhling is a field medic in S.W.A.T.

Even after her lead role in "Fourteen" and her stint on "Chicago Med," Norma Kuhling's acting career would seem to be a bit on the slow side. She would go on to star in two shorts: 2020's "Lullaby to Love" and 2021's "Death Valley," per her IMDb page.

Then, Kuhling landed a recurring role on the reboot of "S.W.A.T." in 2021. "S.W.A.T." stars Shemar Moore of "Criminal Minds" fame as Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson, a S.W.A.T. sergeant, born and raised in Los Angeles. Hondo leads a highly trained tactical unit whose job is to stop dangerous crime in L.A., per CBS.

Kuhling makes her debut in the Season 4 episode titled "Buried" as Nora Fowler, a former Army medic and EMT with the L.A. fire department. She is recruited onto Hondo's team as a tactical medic who works alongside the S.W.A.T. team in the field.

According to Kuhling's IMDb page, she only appeared in S.W.A.T. for four episodes and doesn't have any future projects in the works. Even so, it'll be interesting to see where her "Chicago Med" fame takes her.