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Vin Diesel Teases Major Fast & Furious 10 Production News

At this point, it seems that each new installment of the "Fast and Furious" franchise is destined to upstage the action from the previous film, no matter how absurd, unbelievable, or downright excessive these action sequences might be. What started as a film franchise about illegal street racing has transformed fully into a series focused on massive action set pieces, complex heists, and plenty of overly-elaborate fight sequences. Over the years, we have watched the "Fast and Furious" team drive their cars off skyscrapers, parachute their cars out of an airplane, and (in the series' most recent installment) they even brought their cars into space.

At this point, the films play more like superhero movies than anything else, though perhaps that's the point. Each one is still incredibly entertaining, and the franchise is beloved by legions of fans worldwide. 

Those fans recently got some fantastic news regarding the series' next installment, "Fast & Furious 10," courtesy of Vin Diesel himself.

Vin Diesel shared some production news through a video on Instagram

Vin Diesel took to Instagram last night to congratulate Joey Legano for winning yesterday's "Clash at the Coliseum" NASCAR race. Diesel went on to congratulate all of the racers for their participation in the event, and ended his video by saying, "Ae're all in that racing mindset now, since we are minutes away from the start of principal photography of 'Fast 10.'"

Vin Diesel has anchored the series ever since it first started, playing the infamous street racer Dominic Torretto, the leader of the "Fast and Furious" family and the main protagonist of the series. In many ways, he's the face of the franchise, both on the screen and behind the scenes, and to hear him talk so candidly about how close they are to filming is certainly a good sign. In the video, Diesel also praises the new "cast additions" to the film, which he says will make the upcoming film incredibly exciting.

As of right now, "Fast 10" is set to release on April 7th, 2023, though it's unclear what the film will be about, or if that tentative release date will end up sticking. In any case, fans can rest easy knowing that production is starting soon.