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All Of Us Are Dead And Squid Game Officially Have This Major Achievement In Common

The end of 2021 went out with a bang with the considerable success of one of Netflix's original dramas. The Korean drama "Squid Game" aired in September of last year, culminating in mass success for the show. The brutal story follows a cast of characters who, for many different reasons, are compelled to join a life or death series of games. If these characters finish a set of six games, they can take home the prize money — enough to clear the debts that have haunted them. "Squid Game" has collected some impressive awards as well as critical and fan acclaim.

Korean dramas are now officially on the rise thanks to Netflix. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that due to the success of "Squid Game," the streamer plans to release 25 new Korean dramas and series in 2022. First up was the zombie drama "All of Us Are Dead," and it has not disappointed audiences with its release. In fact, it is similar to "Squid Game" in one significant way.

All of Us Are Dead has landed in Netflix's top ten

Like "Squid Game," the ending of "All of Us Are Dead" contains a fair bit of social commentary. "Squid Game" is an indictment of capitalism and humanity, while "All of Us Are Dead" delves into the consequences of bullying. It seems audiences are showing up for these Korean polemics, since both "Squid Game" and "All of Us Are Dead" breached Netflix's top ten list within a week of their release.

Collider reported that "Squid Game" accomplished this marker after only four days on the platform. "All of Us Are Dead" was not quite as quick, but still reached the top ten list in seven days. Considering the sheer amount of streaming content that is available, this is impressive. Netflix clearly has not miscalculated in ordering the additional Korean content. 

With the upcoming arrival of "Squid Game" Season 2 – not to mention 24 more Korean originals — fans are sure to keep tuning into the streaming platform.