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This Is The Best Doctor Who Finale According To IMDb

"Doctor Who" has enjoyed unprecedented longevity for a science fiction series since it premiered in 1963. The show originally ran from then until 1989 before being revived in 2005, and "Doctor Who" has been running strong ever since (via IMDb). The show's very premise allows it to run for a long time without much issue, as "Doctor Who" centers on The Doctor, a time-traveling alien who changes their appearance when they get close to death. This detail has allowed multiple actors to portray The Doctor throughout the show's run.

"Doctor Who" is also known for its epic finales and holiday specials. The latter episodes are usually when The Doctor's actor changes, through the process of regeneration. Still, "Doctor Who" finales are often momentous occasions, featuring a culmination of the season's story arcs or finishing up a storyline about one of The Doctor's companions. Naturally enough, fans will have their favorites and their least favorites. According to IMDb, however, one finale stands above the rest as the best.

Doomsday is the highest-rated Doctor Who finale on IMDb

According to IMDb, the Season 2 finale of the revival "Doctor Who" series sits at a 9.3 rating from audiences. This makes the episode the highest-rated finale of the revival on the site. "Doomsday" centers on The Doctor (David Tennant) and his companion Rose (Billie Piper) trying to stop the Cybermen and the Daleks from wiping out humanity. While they do succeed, Rose becomes forever trapped in an alternate reality Earth, marking an end to their time together. 

The episode is also a pivotal moment for the show, as Rose is the first companion of the revival series. Along with that, this is also during the heyday of the show's renewed popularity and has The Doctor in the unusual position of being in love with his companion, and she with him. Over on the r/gallifrey subreddit, u/catdoctor said in a comment about the romance between the two that, "I loved the closure of leaving the Metacrisis Doctor with Rose. Not only does it provide her with a happy ending, it cuts off any chance that the real Doctor could ever hope to have an on-going relationship with her." Basically, "Doomsday" serves as a perfect bittersweet finale.

Interestingly enough, the Season 4 finale, "Journey's End," which also features Tennant's version of The Doctor, is not far behind "Doomsday," sitting at a 9.2 rating on IMDb. Still, it's clear that "Doomsday" remains a big moment in the history of "Doctor Who" in the minds of fans, as well as the end of Rose's journey with The Doctor.