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Parker's Worst Moment In NCIS Season 19

"NCIS" first aired in 2003, and since that time, we've seen multiple agents come and go. Most recently, fans of the show have experienced a difficult goodbye for one of the show's longest-running main characters, Leeroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), who has officially left as of Season 19.

One face that we've seen more frequently is that of agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole), who came to the NCIS with a background in the FBI. The writers behind the series are no strangers to adding new characters and plot lines to the show, and for the most part, new agents and faces have been appreciated by the show's fans, including Agent Parker. Despite being well-received by audiences, there are still a few onscreen moments involving Parker that have been tougher to watch than others. One episode depicts one of Agent Parker's worst moments so far.

Agent Parker tried to work a case without Gibbs

Fans of "NCIS" enjoy that the crew is a tight-knit group of agents who always have each other's backs and best interests at heart. That's why Season 19, Episode 5, "Face the Strange," has some still-adjusting viewers upset. Parker being asked to take over as the head of the team has rubbed some longtime fans of the show the wrong way. Alden Parker is, at this point, still relatively new to the team, and many were hoping that the replacement for Gibbs would be none other than Timothy McGee (Sean Murray). 

Overall, Agent Parker is considered a solid addition to the series. But the vision for "NCIS" differs between fans and the show's creators. On Reddit, u/NCIS_fan argued that "for season 19, I'd like to see McGee take over as team leader, not Gary Cole's Parker. A lot of chatter has been negative surrounding his character, but I actually like the tension he brings. It's interesting. I want Parker to stay, but just not as team leader." Agent Parker may be taking the reins as the head of the team, but to be clear, no one could replace agent Gibbs, and it seems most long-time viewers just want to see their favorite leading man happy. As u/Ct-5736-Bladez mentioned later in the same Reddit post, "I agree to everything you said. I would like to see Gibbs get married and be happy with that reporter (Mark's real-life wife Pam Dawber)."

While trying to move forward without seeing the legendary Agent Gibbs may be difficult for fans, and bringing on Parker as the new head of the crew is a shock, ultimately he is a solid addition to the series.