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The Black Lightning Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is a way of exploring how forces beyond our control shape our lives. It's not just the arrangement of the stars when you were born, but it also includes where you born as an essential part of determining not just your primary, or sun, sign, but also your moon and rising signs. It's important to understand that even to the most ardent student of the zodiac, one's sign does not necessarily determine one's destiny. It does, however, have a strong influence on who you are and where you came from. Having a thorough understanding of astrology can help you determine where you might be going, just as many other forms of divination do, such as the tarot or I-Ching. Astrology is just broad enough to allow for a number of different personality types but just narrow enough to make it easy to understand.

The CW show "Black Lightning" is, at its heart, a story about the citizens of Freeland, a predominantly Black city, and their attempts at fighting against forces beyond their control. One of these forces is institutionalized racism, but it is also criminals who exploit the poor, such as drugs dealers and pimps. Focusing on a retired superhero turned high school principal named Jefferson Pierce, "Black Lightning" also sees its cast come to terms with and fight back against government elements that attempt to exploit them through experimentation. Let's find out what "Black Lightning" character you are, based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries: Jefferson Pierce

Aries (March 21 to April 19) is the fiery leader of the zodiac. Known as "the Warrior," Aries is blunt, direct, and passionate. They prefer action over introspection and sometimes wander into situations without a clear plan, trusting in their abilities to get them out of trouble. Once they've determined what they want and what they believe in, they will fight for it to the bitter end. They don't hold grudges, however, and they're usually more than willing to give someone a second chance. Aries are leaders not because they inspire others, like some signs, but because they carve out paths that others naturally follow.

Jefferson "Black Lightning" Pierce is the Aries of Freeland. His passions run deep for his city, and especially for its youth. That's one reason why he left being a superhero behind: because he thought he could make a bigger difference as the principal of a high school. He takes great pride in instilling self-esteem and turning the at-risk youth in his school into success stories. As Black Lightning, he stubbornly rescues his children from trouble and later stands against the crime and inequities he sees in his city. While he is not always a team player and is often hard-headed about his ideas, Pierce acts swiftly and decisively at school and in the field. This ram always goes down fighting. 

Taurus: Tobias Whale

Taurus (April 20 to May 20) is known as "the Sensualist." The bull is concerned with material things above all else, such as wealth, food, home, and pleasure. However, they aren't lazy. They work extremely hard for their success and tend to be astute in business and money. While willing to spend money on things that are important to them, they aren't frivolous with their wealth. A Taurus prefers consistency above all else, as ritual is very important to them. They don't like changes to their routine, especially unexpected ones. While they are doggedly practical, this often makes them inflexible thinkers. 

Black Lightning's arch-enemy Tobias Whale is definitely a Taurus. This criminal mastermind kills Jefferson Pierce's reporter father and is rewarded with leadership of the 100 by mysterious forces. He is also given a serum that slows the aging process, gives him super-strength, and allows him to recuperate swiftly. While he is a gang leader, he distances himself enough from those enterprises and makes most of his money as a successful businessman, albeit one who operates in corrupt enterprises. Tobias is usually one step ahead of everyone he deals with, but Black Lightning's role as a wild card enrages him, causing him to act rashly. Whale is always dressing in the finest suits and revels in his wealth, but he works hard to establish real power at all levels. 

Gemini: Jennifer Pierce

Gemini (May 21 to June 20) is the bright, chatty star of the zodiac. Called "the Communicator," Geminis tend to be not just extroverted but highly adept at speaking to just about anyone in any circumstances. They're funny, flirty, and highly charismatic, and their broad wit and intelligence make them perfect conversation-starters. They're also quick thinkers, highly flexible, and able to adapt to different situations. However, their interest in everything and everyone sometimes makes it hard for them to focus. They are easily distracted, sometimes find it hard to finish projects, and aren't always dependable.

Jennifer "Lightning" Pierce is the younger daughter of Black Lightning. Unlike her overachiever older sister, Anissa, Jennifer is the more bubbly and sociable of the two daughters. While she takes school seriously, she also runs track, hangs out with her friends, rebels against her parents, and even finds a boyfriend in Khalil Payne. She does not enjoy being considered the goody-goody daughter of the school's principal, which leads her to get in some dangerous situations. Her charm usually allows her to talk her way out of them, but her flakiness concerning her responsibilities gets her in trouble. When she learns about her powers, she freaks out at first, but she eventually learns to adjust to them and join her family in the good fight. 

Cancer: Peter Gambi

Cancer (June 21 to July 22) is the caring, protective homebody of the zodiac. Known as "the Nurturer," Cancers are sensitive and family-oriented. The concept of home and keeping it safe and sacred are essential to Cancers, and otherwise timid Crabs will fight fiercely to defend their homes and loved ones. Cancers are deeply loyal and emotional, but they can be moody and hold grudges. If you cross a Cancer, it takes a long time to get back in their good graces. On the other hand, a Cancer who loves you will move heaven and earth to help you solve your problems — sometimes even to their detriment. 

Peter Gambi, a former member of the secretive government agency known as the ASA, has big Cancer vibes. Like most Cancers, he seeks to protect his family and surrogate son Jefferson Pierce, even if it sometimes means lying to them. Gambi's current front is as a tailor, but he has a wide array of high-tech equipment and a considerable arsenal. He's willing to get his hands dirty to protect the Pierce family, especially Jefferson. It is Gambi who gave Jefferson's father information that eventually led to his death, and this is why he took Jefferson in. Gambi even seeks to keep Jefferson in the dark that Tobias Whale is still alive for fear that he'd hurt himself as Black Lightning. Even when Jefferson is furious with him, Gambi never stops protecting him.

Leo: Lady Eve

Leos (July 23 to August 22) love the limelight. Known as "the Creative," Leos enjoy performing and playing to audiences. They're often actors or entertainers, and they always tend to play to the public one way or another. They love to stand out and show off, but they are necessarily self-centered. Indeed, they have a way of taking everyone around them along for the ride, and they have a way of making those people feel important. They are the leaders of whatever they're involved in, as their confidence makes them charismatic and encourages others to put them in charge. Leos are ambitious but recognize that it's important to be a team player. It's just that they want to make sure everyone else knows their role!

Lady Eve, the flashy owner of a funeral parlor in Freeland, is a Leo on many levels. She's a cultural leader and patron for Freeland, as her business is one of the backbones of the community. As a crime lord and former ASA agent, she is also a flashy individual, and she effortlessly outshines even huge personalities like Tobias Whale. While she may be part of the Shadow Board, a group of corrupt business owners and community leaders, her personality is just too big to hide in plain sight. Even being murdered can't slow her down, as she is resurrected and wreaks havoc on the life of Tobias, even using his former minions against him.

Virgo: Lynn Stewart

Virgo (August 23 to September 22) takes care of business in a loving way. Called "the Healer" and "the Analyst," Virgos crave organization and attack life's difficulties with great fervor. However, they are also caring and spend a lot of time taking care of other people's problems. This makes them judgmental at times, but that doesn't stop them from trying to help. Virgos think they know better, but that's because they're usually right. They are efficient problem solvers but not necessarily deep thinkers. You go to a Virgo to help work out a problem, not to talk about the meaning of life. Virgos are usually sharp and flexible enough to develop multiple solutions for a given dilemma, even if they can sometimes be stubborn and single-minded.

Lynn Stewart, the ex-wife of Jefferson Pierce and mother of Jennifer and Anissa Pierce, is a Virgo all the way. A research scientist and doctor, Lynn manages to convince Jefferson to quit as Black Lightning, in part because of what it is doing to their family. Too much damage has been done to their relationship, however, and they divorce, but they grow closer over the course of the series. Lynn is instrumental in reining in her hotheaded husband's worst ideas, and she convinces him not to murder Tobias Whale. She also doggedly works on research crucial to bringing down the ASA and is always there for her children when they gain their powers.

Libra: Tyson Sykes

Libra (September 23 to October 22) seeks the balance above all else. Known as "the Diplomat" and "the Lover," Libras are apt to see every side of a problem and strive to come up with solutions without direct conflict unless it's necessary. Fairness and justice are essential to them, although they are often indecisive. They are imaginative to the point of indulging too much in fantasy thinking. Relationships are crucial to them, and it's important for a Libra to feel like part of a greater whole. 

Tyson "Gravedigger" Sykes is a World War II veteran and one of the first metahumans. When he beats up some soldiers who made racist comments, he is forced to become part of an experiment to avoid court-martial. This gives him super-strength, healing, and mental influence powers. After the war and various missions with his new powers, he sides with the nation of Markovia over the US, bitter over racism and other inequities. In Markovia, he feels there could be a fair and just way for metahumans to live without being persecuted, and he is willing to fight for it. Black Lightning tries to reason with him more than once, and Sykes is tempted, but can't bring himself to trust the US government. It isn't until a Congressional committee exposed the ASA that Sykes feels justice has been done. 

Scorpio: Kara Fowdy

Scorpio (October 23 to November 22) is the most enigmatic member of the zodiac. Known as "the Alchemist," Scorpios are always evolving and transforming. They frequently hold their secrets close and rarely open up about private matters. They are intense and highly charismatic, drawing people in with their sense of mystery and forceful personalities. They are in touch with their dark sides, but they are also ambitious to the point of obsessiveness. This gives them an air of danger, which only magnifies their charisma, even if they are willing to betray you.

Former vice-principal and ASA spotter Kara Fowdy is a Scorpio to the end. When she first arrives, she is trying to nudge principal Jefferson Pierce into meeting Lady Eve in a slow attempt at manipulation. She also flirts with him a bit, even as he tries to get back with his ex-wife Lynn. Unbeknownst to everyone, Fowdy is secretly working for the ASA, identifying new metahumans so they can be captured. On the one hand, Fowdy works under deep cover, genuinely trying to help the students, and even protects Jennifer Pierce from cyberbullying. On the other hand, she ruthlessly hands over metahuman kids. Later, she is willing to give up information on a mysterious briefcase in exchange for help getting out of town, betraying the ASA. She shockingly murders one of Whale's chief assassins in doing this, which leads to her eventual death.

Sagittarius: Anissa Pierce

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21) is called "the Philosopher" of the zodiac because they have a great deal of curiosity about everyone and everything. Upbeat and cheery, Sagittarius has a sharp wit that sometimes draws blood with its barbs. However, this is rarely done out of malice. Rather, it's just the Sagittarius expressing the truth as they see it, often in a very funny way. Their general good vibes make up for the occasional blunt comment, and they are often the life of the party as a result. This is the most intellectual of all the signs, willing to dig deep into the most esoteric areas of knowledge and then share them with others.

Anissa "Thunder" Pierce, the daughter of Black Lightning, is a blunt Sagittarius who gets things done. A medical student, activist, and part-time high-school teacher, Anissa not only has a broad knowledge base — she also makes sure that she gets to pass it on to others. She certainly isn't afraid to hand out wisecracks to her younger sister, especially when Anissa sees her fail to reach her potential. Like many Sagittarians, her emotions sometimes cause her to make questionable decisions, especially when her powers develop. For her, it becomes another way to perfect herself. She carries her political beliefs over into her superhero career, even robbing criminals to give to a church.

Capricorn: Bill Henderson

Capricorn (December 21 to January 19) is the most responsible and practical sign of the zodiac. Known as "the Leader," they are practical, stubborn, and have no time for nonsense. The hard-working goat always has a plan, and they're willing to wait as they work to put it in place. They are tough and sometimes a little crotchety, which means it can take time to work your way into a Capricorn's circle of trust. They are stubborn individuals who are often leaders, not because of the ego gratification, but because if they see a task that needs to be done, they do it. They are disciplined and mature, although not always in touch with their emotions. 

Inspector Bill Henderson's path to becoming Chief of Police in Freeland was one of patience, integrity, and hard work. The best friend of Jefferson Pierce, he is at first unaware that his friend was also Black Lightning. Whatever good Black Lightning might be doing, it is Henderson's job to arrest vigilantes, and he dutifully tries to put the pieces together. When he deduces the superhero's identity, Henderson is angry but soon puts Black Lightning to use in ways that help him. After all, Capricorns may be stubborn, but they are also practical. Even when he is forced to work with the ASA, Henderson secretly plans to resist them, which pays off, though it leads to his death.

Aquarius: Dr. Jace

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) is the quirky iconoclast of the zodiac. Known as "the Humanitarian," Aquarians are often more interested in sweeping ideas regarding humanity than actual, individual human relationships. Their independence is what they cherish the most. Aquarians are often brilliant and inventive, seeing the possibilities before anyone else does in their field. However, they are so obsessed with ideas that they are sometimes out of touch with their emotions and can seemingly lack empathy. 

Dr. Helga Jace is an Aquarius because she's a brilliant but utterly cold scientist who is more than happy to experiment on human subjects. She experiments on many metahumans in Markovia until she is brought over to Freeland to help Dr. Lynn Stewart save the metahuman pod babies being held captive. Jace develops the anti-aging serum that Tobias Whale becomes a test subject for and later goes to prison for illegal experiments on several children that cause them to lose their feet. She also develops Green Light, the addictive substance which temporarily gives people metahuman abilities. Jace is perfectly happy to lie and manipulate others to achieve her scientific goals, which she sees as more important than any individual human life. 

Pisces: Khalil Payne

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) is the final sign of the zodiac and one that incorporates many aspects from the others. Called "the Dreamer," Pisceans are deeply in touch with their emotions but also a highly intellectual sign. They are romantics with a rich fantasy life who sometimes live a little too much in their heads. They adapt quickly to the energy of those around them, for better and for worse. Pisceans are friendly and generous to a fault, often ignoring their own needs to help others. Their tendency to escape into their minds means that they sometimes don't handle their problems head-on. They can simultaneously seem wise beyond their years and childlike. 

Khalil "Painkiller" Payne was an A student and a track star with a clear path to college — possibly even the Olympics. He develops a close friendship and crush on Jennifer Pierce and shyly admits his feelings after she is rescued from criminals. Payne's tough life up to that point keeps him on the straight and narrow, given that his brother died in a drug deal. When he sees Jennifer drinking at school, he intervenes. Khalil inadvertently takes a bullet from one of Tobias Whale's assassins, paralyzing him and fracturing his relationship with Jennifer. It gets worse when this dreamer is influenced by Whale into becoming his personal assassin. Payne's emotions get in the way of seeing Whale as a liar and manipulator, but he never stops loving Jennifer.