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Claire Tries To Get Back To The Past In Outlander Season 3 Trailer

Claire wants to go back to the past in a new trailer for Outlander's upcoming third season. The third season will find Claire (Caitriona Balfe) back in the 1900s, now reunited with her first husband Frank (Tobias Menzies). However, as life grows more complicated in the present, she begins to try to find a way to get back to the past and her love– Jamie (Sam Heughan). 

The trailer begins with Claire and Frank in the delivery room, where Claire has just given birth to a young Brianna, the daughter she had with Jamie. "We're going to be all right, I promise," Frank tells her, much to her relief. However, their happy moment quickly goes astray, as they fight over how to raise the baby. "The bargain was we raise this child together and you will not let me in," Frank says. "You asked me to leave behind everything that truly mattered to me," Claire shoots back.

The trailer then goes through Brianna's life as she grows up, with Frank getting upset that his wife can't look at their daughter without seeing Jamie. "What is is that you want from me?" Claire asks him. "I want to know when you're going to come back from the past," he replies. 

Meanwhile, in the past, Jamie has returned home, only to find that his sister called the authorities for his arrest. He continues his search for Claire, saying that she is "gone" but not dead. Claire, in the present, searches for Jamie as well, with the help of a now adult Brianna (Sophie Skelton), who says that there must be records of Jamie's time in the past. "We will find him," she assures Claire.

"Twenty years ago I shut the door on the past," Claire says as she explains her need to find Jamie. "It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I can't go through that again. I found him. I want to come back." The trailer ends with a shot that should be very familiar to fans of the books, although we won't spoil that here.

Outlander season three was previously pushed back to help allow the series' larger scale, which saw filming in both the United Kingdom and South Africa in order to encompass all of the events of Diana Gabaldon's Voyager novel. The series is set to premiere on Sept. 10 on Starz; while we wait, see how the cast of the show should really look based on the books.