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The Final Jackass Forever Trailer Will Have You In Stitches

Even after enough broken bones to fill a KFC dumpster and more missing teeth than a "Pirates of the Caribbean" casting call, the "Jackass" team is still going strong and getting into even more insane territory, as shown in the brand new trailer for "Jackass Forever." After a pandemic-related delay in cinemas, Johnny Knoxville and company are finally returning with their own brand of chaos for the big screen, all in the name of wince-inducing, body-flinching fun. It looks awesome.

Along with Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Danger Ehren, Preston Lacy, and Wee Man, "Jackass Forever" draws new blood (quite literally) as fans from around the world sign up to test their bodies in all manner of ways before idiotically laughing shortly after. From showdowns with grizzly bears to being shot from a cannon, MTV's former kings of injury and amusement once again give their health insurance a hammering, and absolutely nothing appears to be off-limits. Same old, same old, then?

The new Jackass Forever trailer is so funny it hurts

This will mark the fifth "Jackass" film set to hit the screens with a wallop, and one that will be without the return of a couple of its core members, Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera. While Dunn sadly passed away in 2011, Margera was set to appear but was eventually cut from the film. It's upsetting to hear for fans of the group — however, regardless of the tense encounters happening behind the camera, the film appears to have gone ahead as smoothly as a project built on hilarious and painful incidents can be.

The final trailer gives us a look into the recklessness to come, featuring appearances by celebrities like Machine Gun Kelly, Tyler the Creator, and Eric Andre. We also get a peek into some of the upcoming stunts and pranks, including the infamous bull incident that helped cement "Jackass Forever" as Johnny Knoxville's last appearance in the franchise (via GQ). 

You'll be able to see how this all pans out when "Jackass Forever" finally comes charging into theaters on February 4.