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Who Died In All Of Us Are Dead Season 1?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for "All of Us Are Dead" Season 1

Korean zombie shows on Netflix have really been popping off over the last couple of years. "Kingdom," released in 2019, put a medieval twist on the genre and made a big splash. It has an 8.4/10 rating on IMDb at the moment and will be dropping its newest season in mid-March. Then there was the debut of "Sweet Home" in 2020, which has a 7.4/10 rating and puts an episodic twist on what is basically the plot of "Rec." And now, ladies and gentlemen, there's "All of Us Are Dead."

If you like your zombies fast, ferocious, and bloody, then this show will be right up your alley. It's set in a modern-day high school where several teenagers fight for their very survival. But it's not all blood and gore. There's also some interesting social commentary about bullying and organized religion. That being said, it is a show about zombies — so lots of people who are alive in Episode 1 don't exactly make it to the end. Here's a rundown of the major players who didn't survive Season 1 of "All of Us Are Dead."

Lee Jin-su is patient zero

Lee Jin-su (Lee Min-goo) might not have a whole lot of screen time in the series, but you could argue that his death was the most important one. After all, he's the first person that succumbs to the viral infection which spreads throughout the city. Viewers find out in later episodes via flashback that it was his own father (science teacher Lee Byeong-chan (Kim Byeong-cheol) who injected him with a virus he engineered from hyper-aggressive rats. And he did all of this to try and make his son brave enough to stand up to his school bullies.

But his father's good intentions backfire in a big way. His son gets tossed off the roof of a building by his bullies, ping-ponging his way down in brutal fashion. He somehow remains conscious and is taken to the hospital, where his father tries to beat him to death with a heavy Bible to cover up his malfeasance. The infection keeps his body technically alive, and Byeong-chan has to roll him out in a suitcase, desperately trying (and failing) to keep his mistake from spreading out of control.

Yoon Gwi-nam is the bully that won't stop fighting

Yoon Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo) is one of the school's nastiest bullies on "All of Us Are Dead." He was the one throwing most of the punches that "turned on" Jin-su's infection that night on the roof. He is shown continuously bullying other students throughout the series, and making zero effort to help anyone but himself once the infection starts spreading across the school. He has very few redeeming qualities — and if what he did while he was still alive didn't make viewers mad, his ultimate fate is even more infuriating.

In Episode 5, Gwi-nam and Lee Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young) have an epic hardcore parkour showdown inside the school library. At one point, they both end up on top of the same bookshelf with a hungry swarm of zombies greedily reaching up for them. Just when you think Gwi-nam is about to best him, Cheong-san surprises him and throws him down to the voracious mob. But even in death, Gwi-nam's bullying knows no limits. He vows to get revenge and kill Cheong-san, and this vengeful wrath brings him back to life as a sentient super-zombie.

Han Gyeong-su gets one of the worst deaths of all

Han Gyeong-su (Ham Sung-min) is the plucky, yet less attractive best friend of fellow protagonist Cheong-san. It's a trope as old as time. He fights valiantly alongside his friends while trying to outrun the zombies, and has a few close calls of his own along the way. Sadly, he dies early on in Episode 3 — and he gets one of the most unfair deaths out of the whole series (so far).

Snobby mean girl Lee Na-yeon (Lee You-mi) really has it out for poor people. She derisively refers to Gyeong-su as a "welfie," a cruel nickname for someone whose parents are welfare recipients. During a fight with a zombie that swings through the window and breaks the glass, Gyeong-su is scratched, and Na-yeon accuses him of being infected. He's actually not ... at first. But Na-yeon can't swallow her pride and admit she was wrong, so she soaks a rag in some zombie blood and rubs it into his scratch. His death is a drawn-out and emotional one that's sure to bring a tear to the eyes of many.

Choi Nam-ra saves the day, even in death

Choi Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) is the class president of her grade level and an overall badass. Her skills aren't enough, however, to save herself from an undead fate. In Episode 6, she gets bitten and infected. But unlike most of the students, she doesn't lose herself completely to the infection.

Nam-ra's character is used as a counter to Gwi-nam, as "All of Us Are Dead" paints her as a benevolent super-zombie instead of a bully on viral steroids. Even after her infection kicks in, she does her best to help her still-living friends find their way to safety. Once the military gets the outbreak under control (more or less), she goes into hiding to protect her friends from her zombie cravings but comes back in the final episode for a touching reunion with her friend Nam On-jo (Park Ji-hu).

Lee Cheong-san overcomes his bully before his end

Cheong-san is a longtime friend of On-jo, and "All Of Us Are Dead" isn't subtle about setting them up via the "friends becoming lovers" trope. He goes through a lot over the course of the first season. He has to watch his best friend die, he survives grueling fight after fight against the infected, and it looks like everything is going to work out for him in the end ... until we get to Episode 11, that is.

Amidst the military preparing to bomb the ever-loving heck out of the zombie hordes, Cheong-san and his zombie-powered hyperbully Gwi-nam get into one final, epic fight. In the end, Gwi-nam literally takes an eye for an eye when he damages Cheong-san's left eye in a similar fashion to what Cheong-san did to him when he "died" in Episode 5. Shortly thereafter, as the bombs fall and thousands of infected zombies are turned into ash, Cheong-san valiantly takes the evil Gwi-nam down with him as he falls down an elevator shaft, which explodes with fire from the bombs.