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The All Of Us Are Dead Moment That Had Fans Scratching Their Heads

No genre invites viewer participation quite like horror does. Horror stories, after all, succeed by putting their characters into dangerous, deadly, and tense situations, and many of the genre's best entries mine drama out of the ways in which said characters either do or do not get out of the positions they've found themselves in.

That's especially true of zombie movies and TV shows, which typically follow groups of human survivors as they're forced to try and make it in a world that is steadily being overridden by rabid, flesh-hungry monsters. However, zombie films and shows don't just work because they keep their audience members emotionally engaged, but also because they invite viewers to think about how they'd react if they ended up in the same situations as the characters they're watching on-screen.

With all this in mind, it probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that viewers have some strong opinions about how several of the characters in "All of Us Are Dead" try to survive the show's deadly central conflict. The Netflix original series focuses on a high school that becomes the site of a zombie outbreak, and it follows several students as they do their best to live through the increasingly dangerous situation.

In the time since its premiere, "All of Us Are Dead" has inspired plenty of conversations among Netflix subscribers, some of whom were left scratching their heads over one moment in the show's second episode.

Fans do not understand why On-jo calls her father

In Episode 2 of "All of Us Are Dead," several of the show's high school characters hide together in an empty classroom and make some emergency service calls. Unfortunately, their calls are shrugged off as pranks by many of the operators they reach, which, frankly, just makes their situation that much more infuriating. Thinking quickly, Nam On-jo (Park Ji-hoo) calls and falsely reports a fire at her school in the hopes that her father (Jeon Bae-soo), a firefighter captain, will arrive to help take care of it.

The moment confused some viewers, who argued that they'd want their family members to stay as far away from a zombie outbreak as possible. For instance, in a Reddit thread dedicated to discussing the Netflix series, u/Known-Hunt-128 wrote, "WHY would the girl call for her dad to come to the scene??? I would literally want my parents as far away as possible!" In the same thread, u/Own-Paleontologist47 agreed with their fellow Redditor, replying, "I was thinking exactly [the] same [thing]."

While On-jo's decision clearly didn't make sense to certain viewers, there were fans of "All of Us Are Dead" who defended the scene by arguing that no one would be thinking clearly if they were trapped in the same situation as the show's characters. After noting that they struggled with the scene at first too, u/humanityyy admitted, "If I was in their position (they're high school students too, so think if you were 15-16 years old) I would be screaming for my mom and dad to save me."

In other words, On-jo's choice to try and get her father to come and rescue her is clearly one that fans of "All of Us Are Dead" will be debating for some time.