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The Chicago Med Season 7 Scene That Went Too Far

Delivering the cutting-edge medical drama component of producer Dick Wolf's "One Chicago" lineup of shows on NBC, "Chicago Med" has sewn up serious ratings for the network during its seven-season run (via Outsider). Plunging viewers into the chaos and stress of the ever-hectic emergency department at the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, the show details the on-duty lives and personal intrigues of a beloved cast of doctors and hospital staffers in the Windy City.

With its reliable formula of gripping medical challenges combined with an ensemble cast of relatable characters coping with the pressure-cooker environment of Chi-town's busiest emergency room, the series brought fresh life to the venerable heroic-docs-in-action genre when it debuted in 2015. And while the stellar ratings numbers noted above are a tangible measure of the franchise's ongoing popularity, not every moment of every episode can be expected to satisfy every fan.

With that in mind, which character's storyline in Season 7 of "Chicago Med" appears to have pushed the envelope just a little too far for some Chi-hard viewers?

Dr. Dean Archer's promotion to series regular outraged more than a few fans

Joining the doctors and nurses staffing the "Chicago Med" E.D. in Season 6, Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) was brought onto the team at the recommendation of Chief Resident Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee). Archer quickly made his presence known, and not in a good way, as he constantly seemed to generate friction and bad vibes with his colleagues. Then, after Choi is shot by an unstable patient of Archer's and is subsequently put on medical leave, Archer finds himself promoted to interim chief of the department — meaning he now becomes a regular, recurring character on the show (per TVLine).

Fans had unambiguous feelings about Archer being back full-time. On a Reddit thread referencing the TVLine article, user u/LKC58 wrote succinctly, "I can't stand his character." Redditor u/Justheretoread74 also had issues with Archer's levelling up on the show, complaining, "I literally let out a loud ughh when I read this. I can't stand his character and the writing for him so far. They really could have made smarter choices."

The Archer-dissing continued with user u/THEElleHell writing, "...hoo boy do I f***in hate his character and him being a regular means he ain't going anywhere anytime soon." Meanwhile, on Twitter, user @chifirefangirl responded to the news with a simple, "Oh f***. more Archer," which would seem to make this doctor's promotion the one development on "Chicago Med" that, for some fans, just went too far.