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The Classic Gangster Film Reference You Might Have Missed In The Book Of Boba Fett Chapter 6

Contains spoilers for "The Book of Boba Fett" Chapter 6

With every chapter of "The Book of Boba Fett," the "Star Wars" live-action universe pulls beloved characters like a tractor beam on full power. With Jedi, gunslingers, and droids galore, the new spin-off show is checking all the boxes to get "Star Wars" fans hyped. On the popular new show, Boba is the head crime boss going up against many detractors, and he's in need of extra muscle to back him up.

In the latter half of Chapter 6, the Pykes move on Boba's territory by dealing the Sanctuary Club a fatal blow. They pay the establishment a short visit before exiting and leaving a case unattended. What's in the case, you might wonder? Nothing good. A dutiful droid spots the item and attempts to call the guests back, but it's too late. The case contains a timed explosive that goes off, destroying the premises and killing all those in attendance.

The bombing of the Sanctuary Club is completely Untouchable

The attack echoes Brian De Palma's classic gangster thriller "The Untouchables," which opens in a similar fashion. The difference here is that a rather than a droid, it's a young girl who chases after a cold-blooded gangster who leaves a briefcase bomb in a bar. The similarities didn't go unnoticed by fans of both "Star Wars" and the classic gangster movie, who quickly took to Twitter to point it out.

Stingray_Travel tweeted, "Was that an Untouchables homage on 'The Book of Boba Fett?'" 

Richard Elorza was impressed with it too, writing, "What about that The Untouchables nod?" including a gif from the De Palma's iconic film. 

The sequence also earned praise for Dave Filoni from "Star Wars" fan Ralf Baier who said, "Dave Filoni, You crazy son of a b***h! You finally did it! Thank you. But you forgot the toothpick. And it looks like you've watched 'The Untouchables' one too many times. Anyways, awesome episode!" 

On that we can all agree. What an episode, indeed.