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This Is Johnny Knoxville's Favorite Stunt Ever On Jackass

With the release of "Jackass: Forever" on the horizon, there's no better time than now to revisit some of the most iconic moments from the "Jackass" franchise. Over the years, we've watched Johnny Knoxville and friends sacrifice their health and well-being for our collective entertainment in just about every way imaginable. Some of their most iconic stunts include riding a teeter-totter beside an angry bull, throwing various items at their friends with the help of a literal jet engine, and launching a heavily used port-a-potty into the air with bungee cords.

Each new stunt seems to be even more ridiculous than the last — and considering the fact that they've been doing this for over 20 years, it's clear they have a nearly endless supply of ideas on how to injure one another in the funniest ways possible. The team has performed hundreds of absurd, dangerous, and death-defying stunts over the years — but which one is Johnny Knoxville's favorite?

Knoxville's favorite stunt came at the very end of "Jackass: The Movie"

As part of their promotion of "Jackass: Forever," Knoxville and fellow "Jackass" icon Chris Pontius recently took to Reddit to answer questions from fans. Redditor u/Loovian asked the duo which stunt they regretted the most and which stunt was their favorite. "I have no regrets!" Knoxville replied. "My favorite stunt is when Ryan Dunn put the toy car up his butt in 'Jackass 1.'"

The scene in question appears at the very end of "Jackass: The Movie" and follows the late Ryan Dunn as he places a toy car up his butt and visits a doctor to have it examined. The doctor gives him an X-ray, and he and the nurse are completely bewildered when the little car shows up on the scan. The doctor hilariously explains to Dunn that he has a car stuck up his ass and gives him a serious talk about keeping the whole thing a secret. Perhaps funnier is the buildup to the scene, where we watch Dunn attempt to get the car into place while the rest of the "Jackass" team looks on — howling with laughter.

It's far and away one of the funniest moments in the entire "Jackass" franchise, and it's no wonder why it's Knoxville's favorite stunt all these years later.