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The Real Reason This Jackass Forever Stunt Never Happened

In 2010, "Jackass 3D" massively upped the ante for the series' known history of jaw-dropping stunts, hilarious pranks, and gross-out humor. If the series had ended with "Jackass 3D," the film could have cemented itself as a proper ending because many fans left asking, what more could this extreme crew do for a potential sequel? Nearly a decade later, it looks like we'll be getting the answer to that question with the upcoming "Jackass Forever."

After a series of delays, "Jackass Forever" is scheduled to premiere on February 4, 2022. And "Jackass" fans will get the chance to see beloved familiar faces such as Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and Jason "Wee Man" Acuña joined by some new blood to make for a big cast that's ready to put their bodies on the line for the sake of entertainment. There's also a fresh mix of some unbelievable stunts. However, not everything the "Jackass" cast initially planned made it to film. Knoxville and Pontius took to Reddit to reveal why one planned skiing stunt didn't happen in "Jackass Forever."

An unfortunate death prevented a potential ski stunt

During a "Jackass Forever" AMA on Reddit, when asked if the "Jackass" crew had ever backed out of doing any stunts, Johnny Knoxville revealed details on a potential ski bit on Donner's Pass involving him and Chris Pontius. As he told Redditors, the planned stunt got nixed because of a very recent death on the slope. Knoxville wrote, "One day, we both collectively decided not to do a stunt when we were going to go down a ski slope in Donner's Pass. There was a negative feeling on set since someone had died on the slope that day. When there is a feeling of negativity associated with a stunt, we decide to not continue with it."

Knoxville's answer gives proper insight into just how this gang of daredevils gauges whether a stunt might be too threatening even for them to consider doing. And a tragic death on the same day you're planning a stunt is never a positive sign. Besides, Knoxville might have already encountered the one scene to make him call it quits while filming "Jackass Forever." The stunt involves a bull, but that's all we know based on his words and the trailer. We'll still have to wait to see the entire scene when the movie premieres. However, as far as injuries sustained from the scene, Knoxville already revealed the painful damage he suffered, including a brain hemorrhage.