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The Spinning Out Episode 8 Scene That Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

When "Spinning Out" made its debut on Netflix in January 2020, it appeared to have all the makings of a riveting series — intense competition, taboo romances, and family drama, not to mention some major cliffhangers at the end of Season 1. Despite all of this, "Spinning Out" wasn't able to skate into viewers' hearts and Netflix unceremoniously canceled the show one month after its premiere.

Over the course of 10 episodes, "Spinning Out" follows talented figure skater Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario) as she fights to compete in the Olympics, all while attempting to keep secret her PTSD and bipolar disorder. By Kat's side is skating partner Justin Davis (Evan Roderick), little sister Serena Baker (Willow Shields), and best friend Jenn Yu (Amanda Zhou).

There are a number of reasons why Netflix could've decided to give "Spinning Out" the axe, including the likability of the characters. Fans largely criticized Jenn for supporting her brief love interest, sports doctor Ethan Parker (Charlie Hewson), even after it's revealed he sexually exploited underage Serena. Another reason could've been the amount of plot holes in the story, such as one in Episode 8 that had audiences extremely confused.

Serena should've noticed Kat wasn't taking her medication

In Episode 8, Kat is in a manic state after skipping her medication. While browsing a pawn shop, she reveals, "I don't even have to take my medication anymore. I haven't in a month! It's made me a much better skater." Kat later ends up inviting some sketchy individuals to a party at noon on a Thursday. Justin is the only voice of reason, reminding Kat that they have a major competition approaching.

When Serena stops by and sees the party, she storms off in a rage because her big sister was scheduled to meet her earlier in the day. She asks, "That's why Kat blew me off?" On Reddit, u/doorfiend said it was a "bit unrealistic" that Serena didn't realize why Kat was acting that way. "Both her mom and sister have bipolar, and it just seems a bit strange to me that Serena wouldn't even stop to think about her sister's erratic behavior," they wrote. "I get that for plot reasons they wanted nobody to notice and for Kat to hit rock bottom, but it kinda feels like sorta lazy writing to have Serena be so oblivious."

u/SirNarwhal agreed and bashed the show's "batsh*t insane plot points." They said, "It's some of the worst writing I've ever seen."

Others argued that Serena was so caught up in her own world, especially with Ethan, that it's no wonder she was oblivious to her sister's needs. "To expect an obviously damaged teenager to pick up mental health signs on such disorders is expecting a little too much," said u/CanisLupusBaileyi.

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