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Wee Man Explains How Jackass Forever Took Pain To Another Level

In February, the team of daredevils that have spent decades laughing in the face of danger, disgusting bodily fluids, and incoming projectiles will be doing it all again in "Jackass Forever." Johnny Knoxville and the team are back in action and are set to bring more of the chaos and homemade comedy that we've known and loved them for since they first appeared on MTV in 2000. But besides the returns of Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and Jeff Tremaine, the fourth and final film will also reunite audiences with another founding Jackass member, Wee Man, who has taken a licking and kept on ticking as much as the rest.

Seeing the old crew back in action begs the question: After three seasons of the show on MTV and four installments of glorious cinematic stupidity, surely one outing in the "Jackass" franchise must have hit the pain receptors harder than most? Well, in a recent interview, Jason Acuña, aka Wee Man, finally revealed just which of their historic endeavors has left the most uncomfortable impact.

Wee Man endured the most pain in Jackass Forever

On the YouTube series "Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?," Wee Man revealed that "Jackass Forever" was, without a doubt, the movie that hurt the most to film. Interestingly, though, it seems that for Acuña, the dings and dents he took in front of the camera this time around didn't hurt more because of the severity of the stunts. Instead, it was because of a lack of the usual comedic moments that used to be interspersed with the groin-kicking mayhem.

"This was the one I got more pain in. And the reason being is, all the other ones we got to do like funny cute things in between the pain," explained Wee Man. Due to the confines of filming within the pandemic, it seems that, for Wee Man at least, the usual balance between stuntwork and comedy skits was tilted in favor of the former, meaning there was a much sharper focus on the painful stunts. "There was no funny or cute bits I did. They were all straight to pain, because of COVID," the OG Jackass recalled. "So we would be doing funny cute, you know, public reaction bits, and we couldn't really do that this time."

Wee Man wasn't the only one to one to take some serious hits for "Jackass Forever," as Johnny Knoxville suffered, among other injuries, a severe brain hemorrhage in one stunt. You can see it all when "Jackass Forever" arrives in cinemas on February 4.