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The Saddest Death In Blue Bloods Season 10

The 10th season of the CBS series "Blue Bloods" gave viewers more of the quality police procedural drama they'd come to expect over the years. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), patriarch of the New York City law and order dynasty at the heart of the show, and his team had to contend with a new mayor, Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh), and his inability to work well with others. Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), meanwhile, is dealing with her daughter's cross-country move in addition to her own work troubles. And that's not even to mention the many personal and professional disagreements faced by Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray). 

Season 10 also saw its fair share of deaths, which are a regular thing on the show. After all, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his partners do investigate murder cases. From the murders of New York citizens driving Danny deeper and deeper into his job to the deaths of police officers causing a great deal of pain and feelings of personal responsibility for Frank, each one carries a weight the characters must bear in their own way.

But out of all the Season 10 deaths, there was one that weighed heavier than others. Here is the saddest death of "Blue Bloods" Season 10.

An officer-on-officer shooting touched the entire community

The Season 10 episode "Fog of War" follows a similar "case of the week" formula as most other episodes in the series, with Danny and Baez (Marisa Ramirez) working with the cowboy hat-clad Texas Ranger Waylon Gates (fan favorite guest-star Lyle Lovett) after the Lone Star Killer comes to New York. However, the episode's focus largely revolves around Eddie and her partner, Officer Addison (Justin Cunningham), who find themselves in a shooting. During the firefight, Addison fires on who he believes is a perp, only to find out she was actually an undercover police officer. 

The death sends ripples through the entire department. It is always devastating for these characters when a fellow officer perishes in the line of duty. But it is almost unbearable when a fellow officer is gunned down by one of their own. The pain is palpable in a scene where Eddie gets into an uncharacteristic fistfight in the halls of the precinct, only to have Frank himself step in to remind all present how they should be honoring their fallen comrade. 

Frank later convinces Addison not to turn in his badge because of the shooting. Another result of the shooting was Internal Affairs investigating Jamie for his inability to supervise. There were wide-reaching impacts throughout the series cast, all because of the death of an officer due to a case of mistaken identity.