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The Gold Rush Team That Has Fans Cringing

"Gold Rush" continues to be a huge hit for Discovery, as audiences can't get enough of all the drama and chaos that goes hand-in-hand with the hunt for gold. The series has been on the air since 2011, and Discovery has also produced a number of spin-offs focused on specific miners and their exploits. Some of the other shows take the miners outside of North America, like "Gold Rush: The Jungle," which follows Todd Hoffman and his crew in Guyana, before "Gold Rush: South America" pushes into Chile and Peru.

But the main show is currently on Season 12, which is a pretty impressive achievement. Gold mining is a dangerous business, which is likely why audiences lap up the Discovery series and its various spin-offs. It has all the drama of a scripted TV show, but it deals with real consequences. Some of the cast were even shot at back in Season 8. And it's not just the drama that keeps fans tuning in. It's also fair to say there are some colorful characters on the series. However, unsurprisingly, audiences don't love every single person on the show. In fact, there's one "Gold Rush" team that has fans on Reddit cringing.

Some Gold Rush fans don't like Fred Lewis

Fred Lewis might be one of the more recent additions to the "Gold Rush" family, but he's quickly become one of the biggest elements in the show. He joined "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail" as the team's medic, before eventually leading a crew of his own when "Gold Rush" Season 11 came around. However, some fans aren't too keen on what he's bringing to the table. Redditor u/quayleman8969 kicked off a thread by explaining that they've been skipping the Fred Lewis segments in each episode: "Anyone else skip pass Fred lewis parts of the show. Such cringe. The hoffmans weren't even this bad..."

And many "Gold Rush" fans quickly got into why they don't like the military veteran on the show. U/supershev1888 thinks Fred Lewis tries to be too much like his co-star Parker Schnabel, saying, "Yes he thinks he's like Parker running around delegating and telling everyone what to do while he's sitting in his trailer with his feet up thinking he's a business man." Meanwhile, u/travisLSU vented their frustration at the network, writing, "I wish discovery could see me fast forward. Worst part of the show in multiple years." They also added, "I feel like they are low on content this year. Oh we all gotta dig deep to not find gold..."

Although there were some defenders of Fred and his team on the thread, the sentiments of many were summed up by u/JRegerWVOH, who wrote, "I will not watch another minute of that guy..." Ouch.