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The Big Problem Fans Have With Curse Of Oak Island's Production Company

Fans of History's "The Curse of Oak Island" certainly haven't been shy in their criticism of the show — in fact, they've been incredibly vocal about it on more than one occasion. The show centers around the search for a legendary treasure hoard said to rest on the titular Oak Island, a small landmass off the coast of Nova Scotia that has captivated treasure hunters around the world for over 200 years.

Throughout their nine seasons on the air, the Oak Island team has made essentially no progress in finding that treasure, causing plenty of disgruntled and disappointed fans to air their criticisms online. Every week, it seems that fans have something new to complain about, whether it be the pacing of the show, the multitude of assumptions the crew makes during their search, or the weak nature of their theories in general.

Some fans have even started levying their criticism toward the show's production company, Prometheus Entertainment — and as far as fan criticism goes, a few of these comments make some convincing points.

Fans say Prometheus edits the show to be purposely misleading

Fans have taken to Reddit to criticize the misleading editing of the series — a problem they blame solely on the team from Prometheus Entertainment. Users specifically called out the promo for Season 9, Episode 11, which claimed to show series regular Craig Tester reaching into a pipe to find some sort of groundbreaking discovery. "First – it was not Craig's hand. Second – Nothing was there. Third – Did I mention I hate these producers? What a bunch of CRAP!!" writes u/Patch267.

Others bluntly called out the deceptive editing style of the show itself. "How do we get them/Prometheus to stop lying to us?" asks u/EggdropBotnet. "For example, digging up the cove to find things that were there last time it was dug up and acting like they're new." The user went on to claim that the editing style makes the Oak Island team "look like chumps" due to the fact that they just drop some of their findings without another word. "I believe that Prometheus feels that we are all morons," writes u/woofrufus. "There is no need to upgrade as long as ratings are high."

The last comment may be the most important of all — despite the fact that fans are so critical of the show, they still show up each week to watch it. If fans truly think Prometheus is causing all of the show's problems, then the only way to get the production company's attention would be to stop watching it altogether.