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The Curse Of Oak Island Contradiction That Has Fans Frustrated

"The Curse of Oak Island" is a reality show with an intriguing premise. Starring the sibling duo Rick and Marty Lagina and their team of treasure hunters, the series focuses on the crew's pursuit of legendary riches, supposedly located somewhere on a mysterious Canadian island. The show is currently in its 9th season, and during its run, it has managed to pull a considerable number of dedicated viewers. After all, who wouldn't want to witness a team finding treasure or artifacts from the Knights Templar?

Unfortunately, for some fans, watching "The Curse of Oak Island" can also cause some frustrating facepalm moments that have our Captain Picard memes ready for launch. Fans are already side-eying Marty's recent discovery of a gold object. The recent removal of archeologists has also caused a worrisome stir among dedicated viewers concerned about the series' future. And not even the "The Curse of Oak Island" narrator has escaped the social media ire of many fans displeased with hearing him on every episode. We'd initially think that on the Season 9 episode, "Hatching the Plan," all would seem hopeful as the team makes a crucial discovery of their map that could be a real game-changer. Instead, by the episode's conclusion, that discovery has raised the annoyance levels of fans to new heights.

Fans aren't too thrilled with a mistake concerning a map correction

On "Hatching the Plan (via History)," the team gets some clarification that points out they've potentially misread Zena Halpern's map labels concerning a hole, a hatch, and a valve. It turns out the hole and hatch labels are meant to be read together. In the same episode, they also find a road anomaly that should align with the "valve" label on the corrected map. However, as they go over the finding, it appears the team mistakes the anomaly for the "hatch" label location. Let's just say this moment has vexed fans on Reddit.

Redditor u/EdmundGerber wrote, "They just had an 'expert' point out the difference between the hatch and the valve, then they get it completely wrong." u/lumberj73 also shared their irritation at the contradiction, writing, "We just watched this episode and noticed the same thing- the anomaly is where "the valve" is...NOT the hatch. I was waiting for someone to correct Jack but no? We try to not take this show seriously but dammit! That was annoying!"

Some fans on Reddit pointed out that the scenes in the episode could have been filmed in a different order, so the final scene comes off as very contradictory compared to what the crew finds out in the beginning. But if that's the case, it's still no excuse. As u/FortCharles wrote, "Even if it was filmed in different order, it should have been edited differently or explained in the episode." Season 9 is still ongoing, so maybe we'll get more episodes that cause less inconsistency.